From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: From ATSA on SCSI to I Ching of Embedded Linux
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 20:16:02 EDT
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Some Sino-political pundits like to point out that the Chinese term Wei
Ji can mean both crisis and opportunity, a linguistic saw not lost on
embedded computing columnist Bill Weinberg. He recently wore his
MontaVista Software strategy hat to take a whirlwind tour of five 
in 12 days in China, to address and to observe embedded Linux 

In "Open Source in China," you will catch Weinberg's assessments, which
reveal Wei Ji as far more than a marketing mantra. 

'Far more than a marketing mantra' is what resellers can also say about
the invest-to-grow slogan that's catching on with small and medium 
businesses globally as they buy hardware and software to better 
their business processes. "Why IBM and other vendors are crying for
SM'ores" is this week's look at the recent decision by Sage, a leading
supplier of accounting and payroll software, to make their software
applications targeted for small and medium businesses available for

Finally, from openBench Labs, we discover an intriguing way to save a
buck by using ATA drives on a SCSI bus.

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