Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:53:41 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: MySQL v MS SQL: Revenge of the Database Nerds - Open, Oct 10, 2002
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Talk about a man with a plan. Leaving the virtual office of MySQL CEO,
Marten Mickos, we play back an extended conversation on how a company
with ridiculously low overhead manages to increasingly chafe the inner
circle of the three big database giants, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.
"Whatever we do, we do exactly the opposite of what's expected." This
week, you get Mickos unplugged as he talks about how he lets a
well-oiled ecosystem 200 times larger than the core company feed the
impetus and rescue companies forking over millions on one proprietary

Click on it now, but in time clicking might give way to your just 
to say "OK" to enter into the world of Mickos or anything else. Can we
talk? This week, we look at the way developers are told to bank on the
pervasive future and start grooving over multimodal applications that
combine voice, data, and images all at once. How far along the push to
get multimodal applications in gear is the question posed this week.

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