Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 07:52:51 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Solaris-Linux Wars - Open Dec. 2, 2002
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With big winter storms and other seasonal high jinks poised to push's 30 million hits a day, the Atlanta-based weather watchers
quickly warmed to the idea of switching from Solaris to Linux on image
servers. They liked the idea of being able to attract young programmers
already familiar with Linux. Nicest story of all was the price: Using
Linux meant they could cheaply add servers for performance as needed.
This week's look at IBM's assault on Solaris finds IBMers on its latest
warpath with Solaris blueprints, and SWAT teams of database and OS
experts prepared to help in the swap with case studies of businesses
who've already migrated.

If you feel left out in the cold over the high cost of SCSI disk
subsystems for servers, then warm to the prospects of using parallel 
drivers in an enterprise sever. Just pick the right RAID configuration
and underlying journaled file system and you're off and running faster
than a luge at St. Moritz. But what about database applications? Is
1,500 I/Os per second sufficient? 

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