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Subject: THE LINUX LINE - Vol. II, No. 10
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As one of our subscribers who indicated an interest in expanding Linux
learning with relevant third-party information, we are pleased to send
you the December issue of IBM's Linux magazine-on-the-Web, The Linux
Line. Whether you're interested in tutorials on how to capitalize on 
capabilities of Linux software or seeking IT assessments, The Linux
Line, like Open, is a useful roadmap for following Linux as it 
taking the IT world by storm.

In this month's issue, you'll discover how IBM is pushing the limits of
Linux, from embedded systems to petaflop-scale computers, in an
interview with Bill Pulleyblank, Director of Exploratory Systems, at 
Research; what UnitedLinux brings to Linux customers and partners, in 
interview with UnitedLinux General Manager, Paula Hunter; how is playing to win in the video game market with IBM
xSeries Linux; and what’s so special about SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

You also learn more about UnitedLinux in a personal tour with John
Terpstra; developing Java applications using DB2 Version 8; setting up 
high-availability system using Red Hat Cluster Manager on xSeries
servers; the IBM eServer Cluster 1350; and more. 

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