Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 08:13:52 -0800 (PST)
From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: New-Age Collaboration-Open Dec. 23, 2002
This and next month are two fitting times to ask the museum guards to
point you straight toward the Gauguins. Whether contemplating the
principles of Guru Gobind Singh or the little star of Bethlehem, we can
all use a visit with a Gauguin in a rather spiritual season. It's the
time of year when we think about what could be, what ought to be, what
will be. This week, Open magazine brings you a multi-part story in that
spirit, which is about Collaboration.

Our overview on the topic creates an arresting line of demarcation, 
business users dwelling on content management to a vastly more open
Internet world, where interest is being mined in content creation. We
report on what experts have come to know about group dynamics and the
technical powers of collaboration tools. From there, we present two
different practitioner perspectives on one of the hottest collaborative
mediums around, Open Source Wiki.

Last but not least, OpenBench Labs gets technically precise about
collaboration with a visual walk-through of SuSE Linux openexchange
Server. OpenBench Labs explains why its findings suggest this new SuSE
combo of e-mail server and groupware-warrior is important to watch, at
a time when businesses are making their New Year's resolutions to
achieve new heights in being brilliant.

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