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Subject: Building a better firewall
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:59:35 -0500
February 14, 2003

How do you hold on to your career in the present economy? Ditch Great 
Expectations and bring in Great Results. Championing this mantra is 
Marten Mickos, MySQL AB CEO, who this week presents his 10 good reasons to 
re-think your company's database strategy and move to Open Source.

From database experts over to Linux audioscenti: We turn to Franco 
Vitaliano, who can show you what technology to use for sound immersion 
worthy of a cyberstadium death match. This week, Vitaliano lures you into 
his hardcore gaming world in a report on how his left-ear, right-ear 
experience carried a sound explosion of doom, gloom, and heart-stopping 

And coming soon to a datacenter near you, get ready for benchmarks of 
the next generation of LTO and Super AIT tape drives later this month. 
Is a TB/hr in your future?

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