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Subject: Database drama
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 23:18:24 -0500
March 8, 2003

This week, Open magazine finds the Open Source database saga on full 
boil with a second coming of Borland's InterBase 6.0, an Open Source 
relational database. Taking center stage in this tale is another Open 
Source database project: Firebird. Having risen from the ashes of Borland's 
aborted spin-off, Firebird is billed as "the relational database for 
the new millennium." We don't know about the millennium, but Firebird has 
to be the story of the day, especially now that some Firebird 
supporters are upset over yet another InterBase sibling, a commercial Russian 
alternative called Yaffil. 
Over at this week's openBench Labs, you're in for a tape-drive learning 
experience in superdrives. After running performance tests on the first 
of the second-generation LTO superdrives, the HP StorageWorks Ultrium 
460, openBench Labs delivers both the numbers on performance results and 
their significance for real-world performance.

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