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Subject: On the road to 64-bits
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 14:04:31 -0400

June 7, 2003

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Betwixt and between AMD's launch of Opteron and Intel's launch of 
Itanium 2, Open takes a detour to look at the road to 64-bits. Like many 
big-concept projects, from the Big Dig in Boston to Hwy101 on the way to 
San Jose, the road to 64-bits has been long, treacherous, and littered 
with very famous road kill.

Who needs 64-bits? If you have to ask, you probably don't. But if you 
need either bits of precision or bits of memory "as far as the eye can 
see," there's another key question: Will those bits be worth what it 
takes to get them?  

This week, Open turns the question into our issue's focus, only to find 
that the road signs, as always, point to software, software, software 
in the form of libraries, compilers, and tools. We talk to Gelato 
Federation's head, Dr. Mark Smith, about what Gelato's powerhouse members are 
doing to prove the Itanium software story. And we talk to Illuminata 
analyst Gordon Haff, who provides a perspective on vendor dynamics 
underlying IBM's and Sun's lukewarm Itanium embrace.

Next we turn to Dr. Rob Meyer, North American president of the 
Oxford-based Numerical Algorithms Group. NAG is a strategic partner of both AMD 
and Intel and provides critically important numerical libraries. And 
stay tuned for further road work, as openBenchLabs sets up shop next week 
to test claims of how "easy" the 64-bits move really is.

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The editors of Open magazine

H P   W O R L D   N E W S

A Bigger Piece of Pie

HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina told attendees at a security analyst 
meeting June 3 in New York that an upturn in the IT sector is not 
immediately forthcoming. The market-share pie won't grow anytime soon. HP's 
expected growth will come, she said, in the form of taking market share 
away from competitors-a bigger piece of the pie for HP. 

"Obviously we, like the rest of you, would love the economy to pick up. 
We'd love IT spending to pick up. But in the meantime, we're going to 
focus on what we can control," she said. "We can control our own cost 
structure. We cannot control the economy." She went on to say: "We don't 
need customers to spend more on IT to grow. Customers need to spend 
more of their IT dollars on us."

And HP is definitely planning to control costs. Click here to find out 
how (and learn what else happened at the meeting).


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Inside HP This Week

That Versatile iPAQ: Media Lab Europe in Dublin, Ireland, which is the 
European research partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
has developed a passive smoking meter that can be worn around a 
person's neck. The device began its life as an iPAQ and was modified to 
monitor carbon monoxide and other particles given off by cigarettes. The 
researchers said the device could eventually be incorporated into a cell 
phone and automatically calculate lung damage and reduced life expectancy 
as the result of second-hand smoke. 

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HP World Tech Journal

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The Price Is Right
As part of its strategy to become more competitive, HP in April 
announced price reductions of approximately 20 percent across its midrange 
UNIX server lines. The portfolio includes the 16-processor HP Server 
rp8400 and the eight-processor HP servers rp7410 and rp7405.

HP Services Lands Three Mega-Deals
HP scored big deals in April, winning the IT services business of 
Procter & Gamble, Ericsson and Bank of Ireland. The P&G deal alone is worth 
more than $3 billion over 10 years to HP. Details of the Ericsson deal 
were not known at press time; the deal with the Bank of Ireland is 
expected to be worth about $600 million, making it the largest IT contract 
ever signed in Ireland.

HP 'Realigns' Enterprise Business
HP announced a staffing and operational realignment within its 
Enterprise Systems Group intended to accelerate long-term growth and streamline 

Finding E-Mail Communities
Government intelligence organizations and private companies have 
expressed interest in research at HP Labs that enables the automatic analysis 
of e-mail to determine real and informal groups, communities and 

Inside HP
Recycling for Mother Earth; Plus: Perens gets paid, Airport cops are 
PAQing, So were marathoners and More

HP Tightens Security
Hewlett-Packard in April unlocked a box of security products and 
enhancements that span the company's product range. The products, announced 
at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, were designed for HP's adaptive 

HP Shipping New DDS Tape Drive
Hewlett-Packard announced in April that it has begun shipping the HP 
StorageWorks DAT 72 tape drive, making HP the first company in the 
industry to ship products using the fifth generation of DDS technology.

HP Storage Targets Midrange
HP expanded its StorageWorks offerings to deliver enterprise-class 
storage functionality to the midrange market. HP introduced the Enterprise 
Virtual Array 3000 and bolstered the capabilities of its array family 
of products with new software support.

HP Toronto Plant Up and Running After SARS Incident A SARS scare that 
forced 197 HP employees into quarantine is over and the Toronto-area 
plant is back to normal, according to reports.

New HP Printer Bridges the Gap Between Desktop, Oversize Printing
HP introduced the HP Designjet 120 printing system, describing it as an 
affordable six-color printing system that bridges the gap between 
desktop and oversize printing.

HP Embraces Green Theme
Hewlett-Packard used Earth Day to highlight its environmental 
initiatives and recycling programs and to announce a couple of awards it 
received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

HP Marks Digital Village's Third Year
The Digital Village program begun by HP three years ago marked its 
anniversary with a ceremony in East Palo Alto, Calif. Community leaders, 
including Jesse Jackson, spoke about the efforts to narrow the digital 
divide in underserved communities.

News Nuggets


Migrating Software to Itanium Systems
HP, as the co-developer of Intel's Itanium processor, has emerged as 
one of the 
most aggressive promoters of the chip. This article explores why a site 
might want to migrate to the Itanium processor line, what's involved 
and what tools are available to help in the transition.

HP Rises to Homeland Security Challenge
Industry reports estimate that between $90 billion and $130 billion 
will be spent in the name of homeland security in 2003 alone, much of 
which will be on technology solutions. HP seems to be positioning itself to 
effectively serve developing homeland security needs at all levels.

Partial Eclipse
Some Sun partners are gravitating toward HP. Can anything stop the 

HP Storage Grows in Strength
Year Two: A look at the post-merger storage line-up.

lab report

Review: HP Compaq TC-1000 Tablet PC
HP's first Tablet PC, the Compaq TC-1000, is by far the most flexible 
such device yet, John D. Ruley writes in his review of the TC-1000 for 
this month's Lab Report. It looks and acts like an oversized iPAQ Pocket 
PC, can be used as an ultralight notebook PC or as a miniature desktop 

wheels and deals

products and services


News Feed

IDC: HP takes no. 1 server spot from IBM

HP took the top spot in worldwide server computer marketshare based on 
revenue during the first quarter from IBM, according to market research 
firm IDC. HP had 27.9 percent of the market in the first quarter, 2.4 
percentage points more than IBM.

HP signs contract with Ericsson for global IT outsourcing

HP announced on Wednesday that the MoU it signed with Ericsson in April 
has resulted in a five-year contract to provide global IT outsourcing 
services to Ericsson. HP Services will provide a range of services for 
implementing a common global operating environment.

HP extends NAS portfolio with entry-level solution

HP on June 2 expanded its StorageWorks network attached storage (NAS) 
with the introduction of the HP StorageWorks NAS 1000s solution for 
enterprise remote offices and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

HP still leads notebook market

HP announces new telecom servers

Intel, HP working together on standards-based communications

AmberPoint integrating web services software with OpenView

Ericsson moves 1,000 staff to HP in deal
HP introduces new desktop PC

HP notebook unit sales outpace market growth

HP, Intel, MS to form pact to target e-gov in Asia

Peralta Community College District chooses HP to network campuses, 
upgrade system

HP, Siebel and Microsoft open .NET solution center in France

HP, Mirapoint tout messaging performance record

HP revenues top $1.9 billion from retail customers

Massachusetts police teams with HP to roll out high-tech patrol cars

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