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Subject: Linux in the New Industrial Age
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:18:13 -0400
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June 18, 2003

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source

No one in IT these days believes in the tooth fairy or that the road to 
enormous wealth can be traversed in a financial quarter. We’re in an IT 
place in time where Newton’s law competes with Moore’s and IT buyers 
spend only in places where they will save money.

This week, Open magazine, which is not above tooling around in this 
real world, discovers a company that understands the Open Source potential 
in winning over such a born-again mass of digi-totalers in the 
industrial automation field. Steve Schoenberg, president and co-founder of 
SIXNET, tells Open why the real value-add in automation is the way embedded 
Linux brings forth an open field for customization, allowing system 
integrators as well as OEMs to stay well ahead of the game.

OpenBench Labs, meanwhile, investigates what HP has wrought for growing 
companies in an entry-level system with enterprise-level fire power. In 
order to put its ProLiant ML350 G3 through the paces, we populate the 
server’s hot-swap drive cage with Maxtor’s fastest disk drives, load 
SuSE Linux 8.2, and we chronicle what ensues.

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