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June 20, 2003

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Dear valued Open magazine subscriber,

For those of you who are working with HP-UX, we're pleased to offer the 
latest issue of HP World News from Interex, an independent HP user 
group. The publication is a useful resource for training and conferences, 
and for keeping up with HP's portfolio of products and services. In this 
week's issue: SuSe and HP expand their alliance, HP puts the Vaticanís 
art treasures on the web, showcases high-performance Linux projects; 
and more.

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June 26, 2003
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Interex Triples Membership

Your HP user group, Interex, announced today that membership numbers 
have tripled in the past two years. The organization boasts a whopping 
56,919 members (up from 16,751 two years ago). That's particularly 
impressive given the economic downturn and general decline in user group 
membership elsewhere in the industry. 

A recent survey showed that you and your fellow members are key 
influencers and buyers at companies with IT spending totaling more than $100 
billion annually.

Interex members are directly involved in HP-supported platforms and 
products across the board, including HP-UX, J2EE, Linux, MPE, .NET, 
NonStop, OpenVMS, Windows Server and others. 

Interex serves you with advocacy, including powerful annual surveys, 
events and SIGs; conferences, the HP World Technology and Solutions 
Conference & Expo and Solutions Symposiums; and publications: HP World 
Magazine, HP World News, Inside HP, HP World OpenView, HP World Solutions 
Directory, InterexPress and HP World Tech Journal.

Interex has always been a great user group, but with triple the 
members, it offers more networking opportunities, more power and more 
influence. -- Mike Elgan


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Cisco and HP: A Powerful Partnership That Reaches Beyond

Agility, innovation, and mastery of change-critical success factors in 
today 's turbulent marketplace-depend on your information technology 
infrastructure. With the right infrastructure, everything else in your 
business becomes possible.

Cisco and HP have joined forces to design and implement the right 
infrastructure to meet your unique requirements, offering you the following 
innovative solutions: Data Center, Intelligent Building, IP 
Communications, Management, Mobility and Wireless, Storage.

Visit the Cisco HP Alliance at HP World (booth #1333) to learn more 
about these solutions, or click on the link below:



Register Early for HP World
HP World Solutions and Technology Conference & Expo
August 11 - 15, 2003
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia

Carly Fiorina to Keynote at HP World 2003!
Carleton S. (Carly) Fiorina, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 
Hewlett-Packard Co.,will be presenting the opening keynote at this year's 
HP World in Atlanta, Georgia.


View the package at-a-glance to see how the different package types are 
tailored to fit your needs.  

The online personal scheduler will be live beginning on Friday, June 
27at noon PST.  
Register today for HP World 2003 and gain access to this unique planner 
to assist you in getting the most out of the HP World Conference 
experience.  Visit to schedule your sessions.  

We have combined the talents and resources of HP's user groups - 
Interex and Encompass - with the integrated technologies and vision of HP 
itself to give you access to the very solutions providers that are shaping 
the revolutionary way we think about the future of IT. 

Register early to take advantage of special discounts and benefit from 
the considerable spectrum of IT training and networking opportunities 
at HP World 2003.  

The July Itanium Instapoll is now running. Take a minute to give us 
your feedback! 
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Mark your calendar for June 30th, from 10:00am- to 11:00am PDT
Today, businesses are demanding more - more agility, more 
accountability, and a better return on their IT investment. On June 30, from 10 AM 
to 11 AM (PDT), HP will host a Webcast about the next generation of HP 
Itanium 2-based solutions, featuring keynote presentations by Peter 
Blackmore, Scott Stallard and Mark Hudson. Invite your customers to learn 
how HP continues to deliver innovative business and technology solutions 
with the entry of a new era in enterprise and technical computing. 
Encourage your customers to discover how they can benefit from word-leading 
server and workstation performance, best-in-class deployment, lasting 
value and investment protection. To register and for more details, click 
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News Feed

HP #1 supercomputer provider

For the third consecutive time, HP ranks as the No. 1 supercomputing 
provider on the TOP500 Supercomputer list. HP has more installations on 
the TOP500 list than any other technology supplier, increasing its share 
on this exclusive list since its November 2002 showing of 137 entries.

HP joins PlanetLab to back Internet application research

HP announced Wednesday it has joined PlanetLab, a worldwide research 
consortium working on building an open, scalable, global network test-bed 
for pioneering Internet applications and services. HP will contribute 
30 nodes spread across 10 sites, helping push PlanetLab toward its goal 
of growing to 1,000 nodes.

HP unveils broad range of iPAQs

HP on Monday expanded its iPAQ Pocket PC product line including the 
smallest dual slot pocket PC. It will offer integrated Bluetooth wireless 
capability as well as mobile printing software across the entire iPAQ 
Pocket PC family.

SuSE Linux, HP expand alliance

HP puts Vatican treasures on Web

HP #1 IT company in Eastern Europe

Packard Foundation president retires

HP announces five new storage services, pay-per-use enhancements

HP showcases high-performance Linux projects

Is HP going shopping?

HP lead worldwide notebook market in Q1

HP updates high-end Presario with new Penium 4s

HP to offer portable flash storage alternative to floppy drives on some 
business PCs

Philips wins DVD+R drive supply order from HP

HP most profitable foreign company in Shanghai


Interex's New Web Portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing

Interex's new Web portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing 
is now available. In addition, we have updated our Linux portal page.  
Also check out our other dedicated portals, which cover HP-UX, HP 
e3000, HP 1000/RTE, OpenView,  Windows, Security, Storage,  Mobile, HP 
OpenVMS and HP NonStop.

Inside HP This Week

Art and Science:  New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) has 
called upon Hewlett-Packard to preserve in pixels what the Met works to 
preserve in reality. The Met is using HP OpenView Continuous Access 
Storage Appliance to organize its digital warehouse and  create enough 
space so that, with the help of HP, it can catalog its entire collection. 
The Met manages 3.3 terabytes of data in a storage area network that 
includes an HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7410. HP OpenView CASA has 
increased the museum's usable storage by a full terabyte. That's a big 

Click on the link below now!

HP World Tech Journal

MEMBERS ONLY: Don't forget to visit the HP World Tech Journal web site 
for an exclusive compilation of relevant technical articles from a wide 
variety of select publications from around the world! Click here:
June HP World Magazine Online


HP Shipping New DDS Tape Drive
Hewlett-Packard announced in April that it has begun shipping the HP 
StorageWorks DAT 72 tape drive, making HP the first company in the 
industry to ship products using the fifth generation of DDS technology.


Migrating Software to Itanium Systems
HP, as the co-developer of Intel's Itanium processor, has emerged as 
one of the most aggressive promoters of the chip. This article explores 
why a site might want to migrate to the Itanium processor line, what's 
involved and what tools are available to help in the transition.



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