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Subject: Open-mag: From clusters to knowledge economy, numbers count
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:28:15 -0400
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July 11, 2003

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source

When you’re an economist, you want numbers, not word poems. When you’re 
a newspaper editor, you ought to prefer numbers over word poems, 
although these days one never knows. When you’re the British government, you 
frown upon spreadsheets showing highly unsocial numbers in the wrong 
columns, such as Annual Rise in Home Thefts and Post-Stadium Match Tires 
Slashed. Whoever and wherever you are, you benefit from accuracy and 
the truth.

This week, Open magazine explores the economic truth in numbers, as 
Jack Fegreus turns to the Total Cost of Ownership controversy and what 
larger economic wranglings confront the EC’s PRISM Group, who are 
confronted with the monumental task of shaping public policy to promote the 
world’s premier knowledge economy.

Over by the Home Office in London, words of gratification and 
appreciation all round for the accomplishments of the West Yorkshire Police, 
having worked with support and technologies from Sagitta and IBM, to come 
up with a national video ID system called VIPER. Open tells the story 
of how VIPER was built, how it helps in reducing crime rates, and where 
Linux and GPFS were key in making VIPER a success.

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