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August 8, 2003
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For those of you who are working with HP-UX, we're pleased to offer the 
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conferences, and for keeping up with HP's portfolio of products and 
services. In this week's issue: Highlights of next-generation tape library 
architecture for SANs, with self-aware, network-aware storage attributes; 
and more.
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Aug. 07, 2003
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HP Sharpens Blades

Hewlett-Packard, the blade server market leader, radically expanded its 
range of blade options by cranking up the most powerful blades and 
offering very low-power systems as well. HP announced the new and improved 
products yesterday. The announcements offer record-breaking 
performance, pricing and specs. 

HP's blade competition-IBM, Sun Microsystems and Dell-have their work 
cut out for them after this announcement. All are relative laggards in 
the blade market, and it looks as though HP may even widen its lead in 
the year to come. 

Click on the link below to find out why. - Mike Elgan

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News Feed

HP to showcase Adaptive Enterprise at HP World 2003 

HP will demonstrate the momentum of its Adaptive Enterprise strategy at 
HP World 2003 Solutions and Technology Conference & Expo beginning next 
week in Atlanta. Within the HP Showcase, a wide range of products, 
services and solutions will be demonstrated by 12 key go-to-market 
partners, HP said.

Peter Blackmore kicks off LinuxWorld

Peter Blackmore, vice-president of the HP Enterprise Systems Group, 
kicked off LinuxWorld on Tuesday with his keynote that detailed Linux's 
latest moves into top-tier deployments. He said HP is as much a user of 
Linux as it is a solutions provider. "Linux is really becoming an 
absolute part of our lives, and it's becoming mainstream," Blackmore said.

HP to show mobile agility

HP is expected to announce this month a plan that includes four steps 
to help prove the value of enterprise wireless products to IT managers 
who may be reluctant to make large investments in technology they 
haven't tried. Key to HP's strategy is new wireless server software from ESI 
that HP will offer.,3959,1209760,00.asp

Perens warns that HP and other big supporters can hurt Linux

HP tells City of Roseville: Keep the tax refund

HP introduces next-generation tape library architecture

HP supports Underground Railroad Freedom Center with donation

Research In Motion sours on HP takeover rumors

First American Residential inks distribution agreement with HP for REDA 

Yosemite Tech backup software to be bundled with HP tape drives for SMB 

Itanium Linux crosses 'threshold'

BEA expands Linux pacts with HP, Red Hat

Transoft announces automatic GUI conversion for HP e3000 users

Acucorp to announce enhanced Itanium 2 support

RIM drops as HP bid speculation wanes


Interex's New Web Portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing

Interex's new Web portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing 
is now available. In addition, we have updated our Linux portal page. 
Also check out our other dedicated portals, which cover HP-UX, HP e3000, 
HP 1000/RTE, OpenView, Windows, Security, Storage, Mobile, HP OpenVMS 
and HP NonStop.

Inside HP This Week

HP Gets Artistic

The National Gallery in London is working with Hewlett-Packard to scan 
and digitize its entire permanent collection of art. The project is 
scheduled to be complete in 2004, but in the meantime, HP has installed a 
Print on Demand kiosk so that visitors can print any of more than 900 
paintings in A2 (16.5 inches by 23.4 inches), A3 (11.7 inches by 16.5 
inches) and A4 (8.25 inches by 11.7 inches) size, while they wait. The 
system will help the gallery cut down on inventory and grab sales from 
patrons who before couldn't find the print they wanted. The system uses 
HP printers and the digital images are stored using HP servers and 
storage. The National Gallery has 4 terabytes of storage capacity. The 
gallery and HP have even teamed up on beautiful advertising, at right, to 
show off their artistic endeavor.

HP World Tech Journal

Don't forget to visit the HP World Tech Journal web site for an 
exclusive compilation of relevant technical articles from a wide variety of 
select publications from around the world! Click here:

August HP World Magazine Online (monthly)


HP Customers Gather In Atlanta
The five-day HP World 2003 Solutions and Technology Conference & Expo 
is the best networking opportunity of the year for the HP computing 

The Importance of Having 'Integrity'
HP rolled out long-awaited details of the company's new Integrity line 
of servers, claiming the whole strategy of offering two Intel lines 
gives HP a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

HP Unveils New Software, Tape Library Solutions
HP announced some new and enhanced storage systems, software, solutions 
and tools, including the HP StorageWorks DAT72h tape drives, helping 
increase application uptime, data-recovery speeds and customer choice.

Inside HP
Tomlinson retires; Saudi Arabia gets a new GM; iPAQ enlisted in war 
against smoking; HP, DreamWorks take Shrek fans for a ride; From Silicon 
Valley to the Central Valley and more.

Experts Help Steer Conference Program
The HP World 2003 Solutions and Technology Conference & Expo program 
features a plethora of sessions scheduled with the help of eight 
different IT focus groups.

Fiorina to Kick Off HP World
HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina will lead the roster of senior 
company executives who will present keynotes at HP World 2003. Ann Livermore, 
Peter Blackmore, and inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen will round 
out the keynoters at the five-day annual event.

Look into the Future at HP World
Senior HP executives - Shane Robison, Dick Lampman and Paul Perez will 
give attendees a glimpse of what HP's technology future looks like in 
their presentations at HP World 2003.

Volunteers Join Forces
Interex re-examined its volunteer structure this year to coincide with 
the merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq and combining of the shows of 
user groups Interex and Encompass.

Training Seminars, Hands-on Labs Get Down to Details
Hands-on labs and intensive training seminars will give HP World 
participants a chance to drill deep into key IT topics.

HP Develops Business Systems Evolution
Acknowledging that nothing ever stays the same, HP has unveiled 
Business Systems Evolution to help customers "evolve" their IT environments.

HP Rolls Out New Storage Services
HP unveiled in June five new storage service offerings, as well as 
enhancements to its Pay-per-Use solution for HP StorageWorks XP disk 

Raids Prompt Protest by India Traders
Some 200 IT retailers in a southern Indian city closed their businesses 
for a day and called for a boycott of HP and Intel products. Find out 

HP Adds Low-Cost Device to NAS Offering
HP expanded its Windows-powered NAS portfolio by introducing the 
StorageWorks NAS 1000s solution for enterprise remote offices and small to 
medium-size businesses.

HP Unveils New Mobile Computing Products, Solutions
HP introduced several new computing products engineered explicitly for 
mobility, simplicity and ease of use.

Broadest Range of Handhelds Ever from HP
HP expanded the HP iPAQ Pocket PC product line, including the HP iPAQ 
h2210, the smallest dual-slot pocket PC. The new products include some 
common features such as the transflective display, and HP's exclusive 
iPAQ Image Viewer.


OpenView Realizes 'Adaptive' Vision
HP announced more than 30 new and updated OpenView products, providing 
customers with greater business stability, business efficiency and 
business agility-core components of HP's adaptive enterprise vision.

The End of the e3000
You will no longer be able to buy an e3000 from HP as of Nov. 1. 
Whether you make the transition to another platform or stay on the e3000 
without HP's help, you don't want to let that date go by without some 

Inside Interex
Interex member Donna Garverick puts her money where her mouth is. Read 
about her in our new feature, Inside Interex.

The Heat Is On
Can Carly's new partner initiatives keep ProLiant servers ahead of the 


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