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Subject: Code warriors and SCO
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 20:16:14 -0400
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August 14, 2003

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source

Can you believe it: This month James Bond turns 50. Yes, we are marking 
the 50th year since Ian Fleming first brought this literary icon into 
print. From 14-year-olds contemplating nights on the Riviera (wherever 
that is) to 48-year-olds in no hurry to join their icon, Mr. Bond has 
kept Sharper Image credit-card bearers lost in the virtual gestalt of 
casinos, elegant digital weapons, and spandex starlets. Imagine our 
interest in discovering that the elegant, freedom-loving, cold warrior was 
gracing the web page for SCO Forum 2003 coming next week.

At SCO Forum 2003, David Boies will address the faithful as to why a 
License to Use is absolutely necessary for Linux. Perhaps he’s right, but 
this week Open looks at the elegant counterclaims of IBM, Novell, and 
Red Hat being made in the courts. SCO’s letters to Linux users telling 
them they need to buy an IP license from SCO if they want to lawfully 
use Linux is a smoking gun. The question everyone is asking is, where is 
it pointed? 

While SCO castigates the Open Source community as programming rabble, 
there are those on the Open Source database front still celebrating the 
power of community. Key leaders in the PostgreSQL community are losing 
no sleep over the recent MySQL AB and SAP AG deal to come up with a 
next-generation database. Read this week’s commentary by two PostgreSQL 
community voices to learn why they see the power of community as key to 
their future.

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