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Subject: Blissful desktop crossover
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 20:30:35 -0400
August 22, 2003

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Want to run Windows applications on Linux? Well, a new enterprise 
desktop distribution packed with tools brings Bliss-less bliss. For 
instance, you've got Star Office and OpenOffice for end-user productivity. Not 
good enough? CrossOver Office from CodeWeavers lets recalcitrant 
Microserfs run the real thing. Will this open the door to migrations? And how 
well do apps compiled with MS Visual Studio .NET really run on Linux? 
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When it comes to answers about MySQL clustering, Eero Teerikorpi is one 
CEO to be heard. “Talk about clustering and every person you meet will 
give you a different definition,” he tells Open in this week’s story 
about his push to make Emic Networks a big name in affordable clustering 
that can be used and leveraged with Apache and MySQL.

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