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September 5, 2003

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For those of you who are working with HP-UX, we're pleased to offer the 
latest issue of HP World News from Interex, an independent HP user 
group. The publication is a useful resource for upcoming training and 
conferences, and for keeping up with HP's portfolio of products and 
services. In this week's issue: HP to buy software company Talking Blocks; HP 
CFO says European outlook weak; HP to help Red Flag Linux; Australian HP 
jobs move to India; and more.

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Sept. 04, 2003
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True Grid

Hewlett-Packard announced today sweeping initiatives that will 
radically “grid-enable” both HP products and services. Widespread grid 
computing takes HP’s touted Adaptive Enterprise strategy one step further. 

Grid computing is the virtualization of distributed computing and 
resources, enabling seamless access to all of an organization’s IT 
capabilities. Grid enablement is standards driven, most prominently through the 
Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) and the Globus Toolkit. The 
concept was originally driven by universities, supercomputing and 
scientific research, but HP says that nowadays it does more grid-related 
business in the high-performance technical computing space, including in 
manufacturing, life sciences, energy and industrial research. In the future, 
the company expects grid computing to go mainstream in enterprises. 

I talked to Nick van der Zweep, director of utility computing for HP's 
Enterprise Systems Group, who said HP plans to grid enable every 
business product from $200 iPAQs to printers to software. "It's going to be a 
while before every single device in the world from every single vendor 
and every piece of software is grid-enabled,” van der Zweep told me, 
but “we're headed that way.”  -- Mike Elgan

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News Feed

HP to Buy Talking Blocks

HP said Wednesday it will acquire Talking Blocks, a service oriented 
architecture and Web services management software company. When the 
all-cash deal is complete later this month, HP said Talking Blocks products 
will be available through HP OpenView software channels and sold by 
HP's Enterprise Systems Group and HP Consulting and Integration Services.

HP CFO: European outlook appears weak

Bob Wayman, HP's chief financial officer, said Wednesday the company is 
hopeful for a little upside in the U.S. during this quarter in terms of 
performance, but added that the contribution from European operations 
may offset that as the European economy "is a little weaker" than 

New HP ads map intricacies of snail mail delivery

HP launched a nationwide advertising campaign on Wednesday to celebrate 
its 24 years of relationship with the United States Postal Service. The 
ads highlight the role of HP technologies in the mail processing and 
delivery process. HP's broad range of technology solutions touches 
virtually all 650 million pieces of mail that move through the postal system 

HP sends management framework to OASIS

What if HP had not merged with Compaq?

HP to focus more on consumers, CEO says

HP to help Red Flag Linux conquer Chinese markets

HP No. 1 in worldwide notebook shipments

HP, IBM channel chiefs win top ARC awards

IBM topples HP from No. 1 server spot

HP top server revenue earner in fastest growing markets

More Australian HP jobs go to India,7204,7136627%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

McDowell gets new role at HP



Interex's New Web Portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing

Interex's new Web portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing 
is now available. In addition, we have updated our Linux portal page.  
Also check out our other dedicated portals, which cover HP-UX, HP 
e3000, HP 1000/RTE, OpenView, Windows, Security, Storage,  Mobile, HP 
OpenVMS and HP NonStop.

Inside HP This Week

Real Deal on Real Estate: HP's consolidation in the Sacramento, Calif., 
area may create a bargain for some other company. HP is moving its 
Roseville, Calif., server and storage hardware assembly operation to 
Houston (where it's NOT a dry heat) so the complex it will vacate in October 
is up for lease. Some lucky leasers could get a big discount on the 
space since HP had to pony up some cash to get out of the lease. The 
complex's owners, Amir Development of Beverly Hills, may use that cash to 
offset lower rents it may charge to attract new tenants in an area with 
almost 12 percent vacancy rates for industrial space, MSNBC reported.

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HP World Tech Journal

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September HP World Magazine Online

Carly Gets Candid
In a rare public interview in Silicon Valley, HP Chairman and CEO Carly 
Fiorina in July spoke at length about HP culture, the company's 
contentious merger with Compaq, offshore outsourcing and many other topics.

Sun Says 'HP Away'-Is It Tru?
Sun Microsystems launched a new initiative called the "HP Away" 
program, saying it has a real opportunity among the 400,000 HP customers 
running the Tru64 operating system to move to a Sun Solaris environment.

HP Seeks Government Work
Hewlett-Packard's eGovernment initiatives span the range from local to 
U.S. federal to European Union by coordinating software, hardware and 
services packages tailored to public sector needs.

A European Union of User Groups
HP and its European user groups recently concluded the 
CUO/Interex/DECUS European Users Conference & Expo, an integrated event in Amsterdam 
that combined the former Compaq Users Organization, Digital Equipment 
Corporation Users Symposium (DECUS), the International Tandem Users Group 
(ITUG) and the Interex user groups.

Internet Pioneer David Reed Joins HP Labs
David Reed, one of the pioneers of the Internet, has joined HP Labs. 
Reed has been named an HP Fellow, where his research will concentrate on 
network adaptivity and scalability. He also will work on wireless 
network architectures, one of his key interests for many years.

HP Enhances Race From Sidelines
The BMW WilliamsF1 race team is getting a boost from Hewlett-Packard's 
wireless technology. HP, the team's principal sponsor, has created a 
mobile environment, which was introduced at the Silverstone Grand Prix in 
Great Britain on July 20.

News Nuggets


OpenView to the Rescue
During the 1990s technology boom, Logical emerged as one of the 
nation's largest HP OpenView resellers. But as the new millennium approached, 
Logical sought to build new revenue streams across the Internet. Read 
how a $400 million company's quest for a new business model began and 
ended with HP's management platform.

Linux Makes Waves
HP's Linux division helped make "Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas," 
this summer's DreamWorks release and the first movie ever animated 
completely on the open source OS.

Inside Interex
More Information for Your Dollar. Interex members can count among their 
benefits discounts on top business and technology books.

WRQ Reflection Helps HP e3000 'Homesteader'
Software provider WRQ Inc., after helping CANNEX Financial Exchanges, 
an HP e3000 homesteader, deliver fast, easy and secure financial data 
access for over two decades has now enabled CANNEX standardize on WRQ 

Direct from HP's Garage
Will Customers and Partners Embrace 'Factory Express' Servers?

Making the Worst Case Better
HP Embraces Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Book Puts Computing in Its Place


Inside HP
Research on Inkjet Spray Cooling Named 'Best Paper'; Plus: Running On, 
Sales Manager Has Sparkle and more

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