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September 20, 2003

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For those of you who are working with HP-UX, we're pleased to offer the 
latest issue of HP World News from Interex, an independent HP user 
group. The publication is a useful resource for upcoming training and 
conferences, and for keeping up with HP's portfolio of products and 
services. In this week's issue: HP introduces WLAN device for affordable 
mobility; HP's software expansion plans in China include new software center 
in Shanghai later this year; HP rolls out new Presarios; and more.

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Sept. 18, 2003
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There's No Business Like Small Business

With hurricane winds and rain lashing the nation's capital today, 
business people from around the United States gathered in Washington, D.C., 
to celebrate the 50th year of the U.S. Small Business Administration 
(SBA). The SBA honored HP with its Small Business Champion Award, and HP 
was the key corporate sponsor of the SBA's National Entrepreneurial 
Conference & Expo on Sept. 18-19. Compaq computer, which HP merged with in 
May 2002, was launched courtesy of a loan from the SBA.

Both President George Bush and Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly 
Fiorina were scheduled to speak, but the hurricane prevented them from 
attending. The president sent Vice President Dick Cheney while Fiorina 
addressed the audience through a video call. Both Fiorina and Cheney 
spoke at a special SBA breakfast honoring women entrepreneurs, and HP took 
advantage of the event to roll out sweeping new programs, services and 
products for small- and medium-sized businesses, collectively branded 
as HP's Smart Office Initiative. -- Mike Elgan.

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Jury rules in HP's favor in inkjet case

A North Carolina jury concluded that HP did not try to fool consumers 
into believing ink cartridges packed with its printers were full. The 
jurors deliberated for 2 1/2 hours on Sept. 12 before rejecting the 
lawsuit brought by a Chapel Hill man who claimed the company cheated 
customers by selling half-filled inkjet cartridges.

Elias resigns

Howard Elias, senior HP executive overseeing the company's big-computer 
and storage business operations, has resigned to "pursue other 
opportunities." His departure early this week comes on the heels of a series of 
executive departures at HP, which said it is reassigning Elias's 
planning and strategy duties among existing managers.

HP makes information lifecycle management official

HP skips CEBIT Asia show 

New HP wireless LAN device provides affordable mobility

More partner-delivered services added by HP

HP extends Itanium range

HP adds Citrix to thin clients

B2eMarkets to co-present with HP at Strategic Spend Management 

HP debuts consumer products at TechXNY

New Presarios rolled out in time for holiday buying season

HP UK to focus on growing revenues

HP plans expansion in China 

Transmeta, HP ink thin client deal

HP says stock options would have cut profits by 64 percent


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Inside HP This Week

Service Center Smackdown?: Robert Cringely of Infoworld reports: "HP is 
saying 'Hasta la vista, baby' to its network of independent service 
centers, says one of my sources, who got his termination letter last 
month. HP is reportedly dropping the number of authorized repair shops for 
the Presario and Pavilion lines from about 1000 to about 40, all big 
electronics chains." No word back from the HP PR machine on whether or not 
there's any truth to this rumor.

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OpenView to the Rescue
During the 1990s technology boom, Logical emerged as one of the 
nation's largest HP OpenView resellers. But as the new millennium approached, 
Logical sought to build new revenue streams across the Internet. Read 
how a $400 million company's quest for a new business model began and 
ended with HP's management platform. 

Linux Makes Waves
HP's Linux division helped make "Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas," 
this summer's DreamWorks release and the first movie ever animated 
completely on the open source OS. 

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WRQ Reflection Helps HP e3000 'Homesteader'
Software provider WRQ Inc., after helping CANNEX Financial Exchanges, 
an HP e3000 homesteader, deliver fast, easy and secure financial data 
access for over two decades has now enabled CANNEX standardize on WRQ 

Direct from HP's Garage
Will Customers and Partners Embrace 'Factory Express' Servers? 

Making the Worst Case Better
HP Embraces Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 

Book Puts Computing in Its Place 


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Research on Inkjet Spray Cooling Named 'Best Paper'; Plus: Running On, 
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