From:"Open" <> 
Subject: Tux takes on supercomputing
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 16:15:28 -0400
October 2, 2003

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Listen, the Houdinis on Madison Avenue do it all the time. They take 
sleepy companies performing badly on Wall Street and just change the 
tune, the logo, and the company name. Presto, breakfast cereals making 
preschoolers sulk are redirected to single females snacking for success. 
Can the same thing happen to, hold on to your seats, SuSE? SUSE is the 
new name. What's more, there's a new motto, new ad campaign, and even a 
new branding mission. We explore what this all means.

This week, we also report on Sandia National Labs, where the Red Storm 
supercomputer from Cray is using SLES especially optimized for 64-bit 
Opteron. SuSE Linux's Holger Dyroff comments on the Cray relationship 
and SuSE's technology advances.

Then stay tuned for later this week, when openBench Labs looks deeper 
into the SuSE files with a detailed look at SUSE 9.0. But wait, there's 
more...tests are already underway in our labs of a supersecret Opteron 
blade server running SLES to be revealed later this month.

In the meantime, for getting a grip on the new SUSE balance between 
teraflops and terra firma, click: 


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