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October 3, 2003

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Dear valued Open magazine subscriber,

For those of you who are working with HP-UX, we're pleased to offer the 
latest issue of HP World News from Interex, an independent HP user 
group. The publication is a useful resource for upcoming training and 
conferences, and for keeping up with HP's portfolio of products and 
services. In this week's issue: HP wins $500M U.S. Army contract for hardware, 
software, and services; HP utility data center is up and running at 
Philips Semiconductors; HP, Partners Health Care announce agreement for 
technologies in research, clinical activities; HP launches BuilDog in 
Dubai; and more. 

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Oct. 2, 2003
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IBM, HP split on Linux indemnification



New HP World Solutions Directory!
Check out the Interex HP World Solutions Directory, your complete 
resource for hardware, software, services, consulting and training! The HP 
World Solutions Directory is posted twice a year for Hewlett-Packard IT 
professionals using HP-UX, Linux, MPE, NonStop, OpenView, OpenVMS and 
Windows systems. 

Interex's New Web Portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing

Interex's new Web portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing 
is now available. In addition, we have updated our Linux portal page. 
Also check out our other dedicated portals, which cover HP-UX, HP e3000, 
HP 1000/RTE, OpenView, Windows, Security, Storage, Mobile, HP OpenVMS 
and HP NonStop.

Inside HP This Week

PC Market: German PC seller Medion has come up with a plan that's so 
efficient HP has hired it to help manage the production of its PCs in 
Europe. Medion-which has no stores, warehouses or factories of its own- 
lists nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. It does so by hiring hardware 
suppliers to build a predetermined number of PCs that it predicts it 
can sell in one or two weeks at local supermarkets. It then advertises 
the sales, which it holds several times a year, in newspaper inserts and 
watches the product fly off the shelves. 

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HP World 2003: 'Success!'
Nearly 9,000 people attended HP World 2003 Solutions and Technology 
Conference & Expo Aug. 11-15 at the Georgia World Congress Center in 
downtown Atlanta. Attendees, exhibitors, speakers, Hewlett-Packard 
executives, and the members and staffs of producers Interex and Encompass 
considered the show a triumphant success. 

Open Source Needs Assurances from HP, IBM, Perens Says
Open source advocate and former HP employee Bruce Perens numbers both 
HP and IBM among the friends of Linux, but at LinuxWorld in August he 
warned that the open source community needs more than a handshake to feel 

HP's Balma Outlines Linux's Evolution
Mike Balma, HP's Linux business strategist, told an HP World 2003 
audience how the open source operating system fits into HP's Adaptive 
Enterprise. He ran down all HP's Linux products, from software to servers. 

Sneak Peak at Future Technologies
HP Labs innovations are focused on four primary areas-management 
software, rich digital media, mobility and security solutions-Labs Director 
Dick Lampman revealed at HP World 2003. He gave a glimpse of some those 
technologies to attendees. 

Opsware Introduces Web Services APIs
Data center automation software provider Opsware expanded its 
relationship with HP by announcing the new Opsware Web Services APIs for the 
Opsware System. Opsware demonstrated its API technology at HP's Partner 
Pavilion at HP World 2003. 

The Buzz on BEA
Now that HP has digested Compaq, is it mulling another takeover? 
Sources told HP World Magazine that HP's board has kept an eye on BEA since 
2002, though the price and timing haven't yet been deemed right for a 

HP Storage: 'Works Well with Others'
Partnering complements HP's storage business strategy. 

Tiny Margins, Big Payoff?
HP promotes new PC upgrade strategy to partners, customers. 


Banking On Synchronization
Two years ago, Bank of America decided to upgrade from the NonStop 
K-Series to the new S-Series of servers. But the challenge was to do that 
without system degradation or downtime. Read how the bank met the 
challenge of its massive NonStop server upgrade. 

TechCamp Tackles Gender Disparity
HP's TechCamp pilot program is designed to open up a new world to 
middle school girls who may not otherwise have been exposed to science and 
engineering careers. HP wants to boost the percentage of women in IT, 
but TechCamp is not simply a philanthropic endeavor for HP. 


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Inside HP
Masterpieces at Your Fingertips plus: On the Flip Side, Who Do I Work 
for Now?; Military Salute; and more 

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