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October 25, 2003

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Featuring a cluster-ready configuration for users gagging on 
constraints of server cages.

H P   W O R L D   N E W S

Oct. 23, 2003
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Introducing: Greater Houston Regional Users Group - Fall Conference

"Realize the power of your computing investment!" Gain access to 
extensive HP-UX, Linux and MPE migration training at low cost!

When: November 6, 2003 (one-day event)
Where: Hilton Houston SouthWest, 6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas
Conference site: <>
or contact Richard Pringle by e-mail at 
or phone at (281) 333-8009

Featured Tracks:
- HP-UX and Linux (featuring sessions on: Security and High Performance 
- MPE Transitions (featuring a detailed look at HP's e3000 transition 

Who Should Attend:
ALL HP-UX, Linux or MPE IT managers and systems professionals


New HP World Solutions Directory!

Check out the Interex HP World Solutions Directory, your complete 
resource for hardware, software, services, consulting and training! The HP 
World Solutions Directory is posted twice a year for Hewlett-Packard IT 
professionals using HP-UX, Linux, MPE, NonStop, OpenView, OpenVMS and 
Windows systems. 

Interex's New Web Portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing

Interex's new Web portal for HP's High Performance Technical Computing 
is now available. In addition, we have updated our Linux portal page. 
Also check out our other dedicated portals, which cover HP-UX, HP e3000, 
HP 1000/RTE, OpenView, Windows, Security, Storage, Mobile, HP OpenVMS 
and HP NonStop.