From:"Open" <> 
Subject: Where's Open
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 19:12:56 -0500
October 26, 2003
Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source 

This week Open gets caged, so for the first few days of the week you 
won't be able to find us. Last week we fell upon the opportunity to 
colocate Open in one of the world's premier hosting sites, which houses the 
Boston Marathon, the NE Patriots, and a bevy of stock traders. With 
four independent fibre trunk cable feeds and a 4MW backup generator that 
can run for weeks, this will be the last time that Open skips a 

We're now doing meaningful house-work to make sure we really roll in 
coming months, with an Open infrastructure that has a better server 
configuration, better distribution system, and--you won't believe 
this--better slinkware. No, we're not giving away banner space to Victoria's 
Secret, but we do intend to double our readership with an offer you won't 
want to miss when we resume posting in the coming days ahead. 

Here's a sneak peek at stories we're working on when Open comes your 

An LA-based company called Metapa is hot on the trails of database 
clustering. Building a solution on PostgreSQL, Metapa has now acquired 
Didera to expand on business intelligence applications. Metapa CEO Dave 
Powell spells out why the company will bring the kind of solutions to 
change "the very economics of business intelligence."

The team at openBench Labs, meanwhile, continues its under-wraps 
surveillance of Linux on 64-bit servers and has a new tape drive benchmark 
that more accurately reflects real-world backup capabilities. And with 
all of the focus now on the 2.6 Linux kernel, openBench Labs is working 
on new thread performance benchmarks for Linux.

Plus, we continue to look at the cheeky penguin making waves, both in 
traditional and embedded forms, with retail kings who desperately want 
to grease their supply chains. 

So bear with us during this very brief hiatus, and stay tuned. Open is 
on its way shortly and thereafter will continue being your weekly 
strategic guide to Open Source.

The editors of Open magazine