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November 3, 2003

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Oct. 30, 2003
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R.I.P HP e3000

On this All Hallows Eve of the year 2003, a historic event is taking 
place without fanfare and virtually ignored by the vast population at 
large. Only the cognoscenti will mourn the passing into computer history 
of the HP e3000, nee HP 3000. This magnificent machine, which would be 
marking its 31st year of existence next month, is instead disappearing 
from the list of HP computer products. End of sales for the HP 3000 is 
now upon us.

I was first introduced to the HP 3000 in 1977 somewhere in New 
Hampshire. At that time I was working in Montreal on an HP 21MX, designing and 
programming applications in a timesharing bureau. I immediately took a 
liking to the HP 3000, transitioned jobs to be able to work on one and 
joined the user group for the first time. Over the years, wherever I 
worked, there was always an HP 3000 in my environment. The HP 3000 has 
been part of my career almost from the beginning. Its passing fills me 
with melancholy and, whilst I had not been doing as much with it these 
last several years, I could always count on it being there, adding new 
capabilities along the way. This is true no more.

I asked a few luminaries of this long-lived computing environment to 
reflect on the machine, its passing and perhaps to shed some light on 
this event and what its effect might be. Here are their words: 


Introducing: Greater Houston Regional Users Group - Fall Conference
"Realize the power of your computing investment!" Gain access to 
extensive HP-UX, Linux and MPE migration training at low cost!

When: Nov. 6, 2003 (one-day event)
Where: Hilton Houston SouthWest, 6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas
Conference Web site: <>

or contact Richard Pringle by e-mail at 
<> or phone at (281) 333-8009

Featured Tracks:
- HP-UX and Linux (featuring sessions on: Security and High Performance 
- MPE Transitions (featuring a detailed look at HP's e3000 transition 

Who should attend:
ALL HP-UX, Linux or MPE IT Managers and Systems professionals

IBM, HP square off in battle of tech titans


40 HP employees recognized for outstanding commitment to customers

Approximately 40 HP employees were recognized by the User Groups last 
month for their outstanding commitment to customer service. Each year 
Interex and the HP User Group communities come together to sponsor the 
Worldwide Survey of HP Customers. This survey measures customer 
satisfaction and the quality of customer relationships with HP. The survey is 
then used as a vehicle for advocating to HP on behalf of customers around 
the world. 

In 2003 4,100 customers participated (see 
<> for results). In this survey, 
customers have the opportunity to give open-ended comments about their 
experiences with HP. The user groups received hundreds of direct comments about 
HP employees and selected employees who, through their actions, 
delivered an exceptional experience with HP.

The 2004 Worldwide Survey of HP Customers will go live on the user 
group Web sites on Feb. 1, 2004. See 
<> for more information.


New Itanium Portal

Interex, in conjunction with the HP users groups, recently launched, a platform-neutral Itanium portal. The site pulls together 
Itanium information from HP and the HP user groups all in one place. 

See <> for your one-stop 
Itanium resource.


New HP World Solutions Directory!
Check out the Interex HP World Solutions Directory, your complete 
resource for hardware, software, services, consulting and training! The HP 
World Solutions Directory is posted twice a year for Hewlett-Packard IT 
professionals using HP-UX, Linux, MPE, NonStop, OpenView, OpenVMS and 
Windows systems. 

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