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Subject: Is RFID the next dot-gone bubble?
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 22:48:40 -0500
November 6, 2003

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This week, we look at Metapa, a high-performance-analytics company out 
to capitalize on database clustering solutions by making use of 
technologies like Linux and PostgreSQL. Metapa aims to make more waves now 
that it has acquired Didera, a Linux database clustering company. We talk 
to Metapa CEO, Dave Powell, about his company's pitch, particularly for 
corporate elephants relying on business intelligence. 

While Metapa is making waves, suppliers for the Department of Defense 
and Wal-Mart are preparing themselves for a tsunami in the form of a 
nightmare-inducing acronym called RFID. Find out why the year 2005 is 
their Y2K and why open systems are important in RFID's development.

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