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January 9, 2004
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Jan 09, 2004

1. EDITORIAL: Drinking the CCI Kool-Aid
2. TRAINING: Solutions Symposium Call for Papers
3. ADVOCACY: HP Employees Recognized for Commitment to Customers
4. RESOURCES: New Itanium Portal
5. PUBLICATIONS & CONTENT: Inside HP, HP World Magazine and Much More 



Drinking the CCI Kool-Aid

Unless you've been away from the planet, you know that Hewlett-Packard 
and its key 
competitors have been loudly banging the "consolidation" drum. So while 
everyone is 
talking about storage and server consolidation, we must address the 
elephant in the 
living room: all those far-flung and conspicuously unconsolidated 
personal computers. 

The good news for HP is that the company offers the best solution to 
the enormous 
problem of unconsolidated PCs. Called the Consolidated Client 
Infrastructure (CCI), 
the new offering is probably the most groundbreaking product to come 
out of HP in 
the past year. 

The potentially bad news is that it's not clear that HP understands 
what a strategically 
valuable concept CCI is. 

Go here to read more.


40 HP employees recognized for outstanding commitment 
to customers

Approximately 40 HP employees were recognized by the User Groups 
last month for their outstanding commitment to customer service. 

Each year Interex and the  HP User Group communities come together to 
sponsor the Worldwide Survey of HP Customers.  This survey measures 
customer satisfaction and the quality of customer relationships with 
The survey is then used as a vehicle for advocating to HP on behalf of 
customers around the world. In 2003, 4,100 customers participated. 
(see for results).

In this survey, customers have the opportunity to give open-ended 
comments about their experiences with HP. The user groups  received  
hundreds of direct comments about HP employees and selected  
employees who, through their actions, delivered an exceptional 
experience with HP.

The 2004 Worldwide Survey of HP Customers will go live on the user 
group Web sites on Feb. 1, 2004. See  
for more information.



New Itanium Portal

Interex, in conjunction with the HP users groups, recently launched, a platform neutral Itanium portal. The site pulls 
Itanium information from HP and the HP user groups all in 
one place. 

See for your one stop Itanium resource.

6. News Feed

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