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Subject: Automated source license management
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 21:31:34 -0500
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February 8, 2004

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source 

Serious water-fowlers know that black ducks are seriously smart. 
They're hard to call and decoy, suspicious of their surroundings, and look 
smart in flight. 

This week's story is about Black Duck Software, whose source-code 
management software checks the requirements of Open Source and proprietary 
licenses to help businesses and government agencies keep their code 
environment safe and IP risk-free. After reading what they're all about, 
you won't find it difficult to see why this was a company name chosen 

Another high-flier examined this week is Cyclades, a company that wants 
to give new meaning to the word "uptime" for data centers. We talk to 
Daniel Dalarossa, co-founder and CEO, about Cyclades' history and 
present-day standing as a solutions oasis for network management.  

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