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Subject: The Linux Line Vol IV No 2 extra
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 03:20:19 -0500
February 17, 2004


As one of our valued Open magazine subscribers interested in expanding 
Linux learning, we are pleased to send you the February issue of IBM's 
Linux magazine-on-the-Web, The Linux Line. Whether you're interested in 
tutorials on how to capitalize on the capabilities of Linux software or 
seeking IT assessments, The Linux Line, like Open, is a useful roadmap 
for following Linux as it continues taking the IT world by storm.

In this month's issue: Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM Vice President of 
Technology and Strategy, tells The Linux Line what he sees as the next 
big changes on the IT horizon and their impact on the way we do 
business; Ross Mauri, General Manager, IBM e-Business on Demand, proves that 
penguins can fly in excerpts from his LinuxWorld keynote about Linux 
advancements; and Novell completes its SUSE LINUX acquisition.

You'll also read about QUALCOMM's choice of Linux and IBM as support 
for wireless services; IBM's multi-million dollar contract with 
Australian insurance providers for the Linux Virtual Service offering; the art 
of writing Linux utilities; fun with MP3 and Perl; what attracts Linux 
customers to POWER systems; Stonesoft's firewall solution for Linux on 
IBM eServer iSeries; and more.  

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