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Subject: Why isn't Open Source really happening in Latin America?
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 20:32:35 -0400
April 26, 2004
Hello MIKE SNIER (Account no. 113093 )
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In everyone's life some rites de passage help you learn that you cannot 
go far by believing everything you hear. From the day someone lets you 
in on the fact that there's no such person as a tooth fairy to the 
night it dawns on you that there's no such thing as a Web Service, such 
maturations serve well. 
This week, we came of age on two issues: Suppliers are in the throes of 
coping with something that does not begin with RF and end with ID; and 
Latin America's fierce embrace of free and Open Source software is not 
Whither Latin America's Open Source? Responding to that question is 
author and consultant Mikko Valimaki who earlier this year was hired by 
the Inter-American Development Bank to study a write a report in that 
region.  And what is UCCnet, and why do prominent suppliers and Open 
Source developers see it as the way to resolve the real kink in the supply 
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