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Subject: MySQL clusters around availability
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 19:06:12 -0400
IBM eServer p5 servers: Breaking the rules and changing the game. 
Clients choosing the IBM eServer pSeries give it highest marks for 
price-performance and reliability. The newly announced eServer p5 servers set 
new standards for UNIX and Linux computing and include such radical 
advancements as micro-partitioning, which enables a single CPU to support 10 
simultaneous Linux partitions. To learn more click on:

July 18, 2004

Hello MIKE SNIER (Subscription account 113093)

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This week we let you in on the way that MySQL AB is trying out its 
five-nines sales pitch via its new MySQL Cluster. We take you back to where 
the story begins, at the doorstep of an Ericsson division called 
Alzato, which spawned the parallel network database technology for telecom. 
Can this share-nothing cluster technology take a byte out of market 
share of the proprietary enterprise-class DBMS vendors?  
Another interesting area to watch is what the p5 signifies for IBM. 
Check out this week's snapshot of what The Sageza Group and RedMonk 
analysts say. Among their notes is how low price points and high 
consolidation options will take small and mid-tier businesses to new computing 
For this week's eye-openers, click on: 
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