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Subject: From OpenMail resurrection to NAS SAN fusion
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:16:19 -0400
IBM's express route for ISVs: There's a growing number of ISVs turned 
on to a webcast initiative that's dedicated toward placing them on the 
power curve. Each month, special webcasts fine-tuned for ISVs spell out 
the marketplace directions and numbers showing market demand for Linux 
on POWER. Find out more about why IBM initiated these monthly 
walk-throughs and get a snapshot view of agenda items. To learn more click on:

July 27, 2004

Hello MIKE SNIER (Subscription account 113093)

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This week we continue our determined forays to help you figure out what 
is really going on with NAS and SAN directions. OEMs seek to dazzle you 
with SAN NAS fusion and Microsoft is hardly sitting on the sidelines. 
This week's feature on "Cold Fusion" is an openBench Labs analysis of 
SAN NAS fusion as we hone in on HP's latest NAS appliance. But that's not 
the whole story.

Last week an internal HP memo showed up on NewsForge and triggered a 
hot debate on a potential barrage of patent litigation from Microsoft 
designed to freeze out open source alternatives. Samba and Apache appeared 
to be in the crosshairs. Does the emergence of an Appliance Edition of 
Windows Server 2003 mark the first salvo from Redmond?  

From promises of less pain in storage networks to declarations of price 
and open-architecture liberation in messaging, see what Scalix is 
telling corporate buyers who want to bear the fruits and savings of Linux as 
an e-mail platform. HP figures in here too as the sire of Scalix 
technology, in the name of OpenMail.

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