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Subject: SLES 9 takes on Windows Storage Server
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 16:11:22 -0400
USERblue's POWERfest: This August's USERblue Forum for IBM users of 
UNIX system technologies was as enervating as any collaborative pow-wow. 
Learning and networking came with the territory: "The UNIX marketplace 
is a fascinating blend of innovation and fierce competition," says Karl 
Freund, vice president, pSeries marketing. Another reason for the high 
energy at USERblue: news traveling fast about how IBM's POWER 
processor-based pSeries is changing the game and economics of UNIX. To learn 
more click on:

August 24, 2004

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source

This week, we bring you the results of an openBench Labs hunting 
expedition into SLES 9 in a fearless finale to our briefings about Linux vs 
Windows Storage Server 2003 as a SAN NAS fusion platform. 

You'll see the full results that led to our conclusion: SLES 9 is a 
true watershed distribution. And click on to this week's labs review to 
find out useful stuff: how we tested, the benchmarks we used, the storage 
systems that were part of the scenario, the full impact of an 
enterprise Linux distribution based on the 2.6 Linux kernel, including details 
about the performance that can be achieved. 

This week, we found some catching up to do on the Open Source licensing 
front. Like operating-system performance, this is truly a running 
story. The latest contributions toward licensing enlightenment come from a 
pioneering open source attorney Larry Rosen, in his new book abut the 
subject, and from an enterprise software CEO, who wants to facilitate 
attempts by companies to adopt open source via his company's templates to 
support the adoption process.

For this week's findings, click on

The editors of Open magazine