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Subject: Inside FreeBSD
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:51:14 -0400
US Open's perfect match: Great tennis calls for great servers, and the 
IBM eServer i5 520 system is the one for strong returns. Critical to 
the US Open infrastructure, the server is doing its extraordinary thing 
in consolidating multiple servers, integrating applications, and more. 
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September 8, 2004

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source

Last issue, we relayed all the good reasons to celebrate SLES 9 and the 
Linux kernel; however, there is another open source operating system 
that must not be ignored: FreeBSD. This issue, we report on a new book 
about FreeBSD where its authors peel away at the proverbial onion to get 
at FreeBSD's design and implementation. 

As for big retailing chains, focus is not only on what they sell but 
the tools they use to sell. Those worried about bigger product databases, 
rendering product pages faster, and capturing buyer attention quickly 
can't ignore the rising tide of Linux. Blue Martini Software, developers 
of intelligent selling packages, is staying tuned to customers' wants. 
Hear what a Blue Martini Software consultant says about the company's 
advantage in supporting Linux and delight when clocking speed under 
Linux on POWER.

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