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Subject: Project management goes open source on Windows
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 22:26:53 -0400
IT managers want to know: How do we simplify our computing environment? 
Optimus Solutions, IBM business partners, had the answers in its 
one-day Olympic event about server consolidation using Linux on Power. For 
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October 17, 2004
Hello MIKE SNIER (subscriber #113093)

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Niku Corporation needs no introduction to CIOs like Rick Berk of Brown 
Brothers Harriman. That firm has been using Niku's Workbench for 
project scheduling and management for years. So when Niku turned Workbench 
into an open source project, Berk was delighted. IT management would be 
all the more under control at BBH. To learn what he means and what Niku 
means by converting a commercial product to open source at a time when 
MS Project is a $700 million cash cow, click on this week's look at 
Open Workbench. 

Back from last month's UNCTAD meeting in Geneva, Evan Leibovitch, 
president of Linux Professional Institute, reports on this meeting of 
experts where it was FOSS that took center-stage and where Leibovitch 
delivered his address on FOSS economics. In a candid interview with Open, he 
assesses how close countries really are toward adopting free and open 
source software and what's holding them back.

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