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Subject: A half-height LTO-2 for the small biz with big data
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 00:50:46 -0500
Close-up on Yellow Dog Linux: So what's all the buzz about the 
PowerPC-focused company, Terra Soft Solutions? Find out why Terra Soft is 
attracting so much attention with something called Yellow Dog Linux and a 
64-bit system called Y-HPC. For the full story, click on:

December 1, 2004

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This week's openBench Labs shows why small businesses with backup 
issues have a good friend in Certance. The latter's introduction of a 
half-height LTO-2 tape drive that's priced like a DAT autoloader is 
definitely something to consider. Pre-requisites are pretty simple: You have 
enough data for a full backup to spill over to multiple DAT cartridges and 
your sys admin can manage not to spill a Boca Mocha Grande over the 
backup tapes while playing Half-Life2. We then project our benchmark 
findings onto three TCO scenarios for some eye-popping results. 

Always on the economy watch, we next carry an account by a righteous 
consultant who was called in to assess what a small business could do 
about replacing its Exchange 4.5 server. Edoceo's leader, who did the 
consulting, relates his solution, his cost analysis, and a caveat about why 
his recipe may not fit all e-mail system seekers.

For those enthused over PHP, we view the recent book on PHP that is 
part of the Bruce Perens Open Source Series, and why Zend represents 
without exaggeration the "PHP people."

As for staffing up on IT employees with Linux skills, Evan Blomquist 
sets the record straight on the value of Linux training and certification 
programs. He offers a helpful guide too for managers who need to check 
out their Linux training options. And we ask you about the value of 
training and certification programs.

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