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Subject: IBM seals the deal to shed its desktop and laptop PCs
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 11:02:55 -0500
A Tale of POWER and Spanish Blades: MareNostrum is a 40-teraflop blade 
server that was born out of a partnership between IBM and the Spanish 
Government. Out of this partnership is forged the Barcelona 
Supercomputer Center, which was created as a high-performance computing resource 
for the European e-science community. For the full story, click on:
December 8, 2004

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This week all the buzz surrounds the sale by IBM of its desktop PC and 
ThinkPad laptop business to Beijing's Lenovo Group Ltd. What's behind 
this surprising deal? What does IBM get besides a pile of money and a 
chance to dump a pile of liabilities? The answer lies in what's happening 
in the roaring Chinese economy and the value proposition of a friend at 

For IBM, it's goodbye to Windows PCs and nin hao to Linux servers and 
Open POWER opportunities. Now it's time for you to weigh in...

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