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Subject: From document management to mobile Linux
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:46:31 -0500
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December 28, 2004
Hello Nancy Cohen (account 999991)
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How many of you remember the term "Document Management?" This was an 
app well-publicized in the 1990s, described as helping government and 
businesses manage their files and forms through the complete content 
life-cycle. With advances and more options in generating content, that 
life-cycle has become more sophisticated, and more challenging to track and 

Enter Enterprise Content Management, an outgrowth of document 
management. This week, we talk to John Mancini, the president of AIIM, who 
explains why ECM has confounded many a CEO, but why that situation is 

Next, Open talks to Mandrakesoft's Clement Contet, Project Manager of 
GlobeTrotter, the hot item that's bonding Mandrakelinux fans while on 
the road to their favorite distro. This mobile hard drive turns any 
desktop PC running non-Linux into a Mandrakelinux environment.

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