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Subject: Linux as a mission-critical platform
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:26:30 -0500
Better ROI conversations for ISVs: From OpenPower's advanced 
virtualization to Blade Center JS20, the story gets better for software vendors, 
with new enhancements to the platform responding to real marketplace 
needs, Linux on POWER. 

January 10, 2005
Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source 

Sybase is aggressively dealing cards in the right places. The company 
has hooked up with IBM's OpenPower platform evangelists and is porting 
its ASE database to the POWER platform. Both companies will sell both 
products and services for the products. We explore what the real deal 
means for Sybase and for IBM.

Also moving forward, Emic Networks is selling to businesses seeking 
high availability for mission-critical applications that are Web-, 
database-, or Java-enabled. Learn from Emic's intrepid CEO how clustering and 
load balancing for Apache, MySQL, and JBoss have netted the company its 
first $1M customer and $7.5M in funding from Trident Capital and Nordic 
Venture Partners. 

Over five years ago, two Linux developers had an ulterior motive for 
writing a book: They wanted something definitive about Linux which they 
themselves could use as an arm's-length reference. Michael K. Johnson, 
founding technical leader of The Fedora Project, and Erik W. Troan, who 
built Red Hat Network and the web site infrastructure while at Red Hat, 
completed the expansive Linux Application Development, published in 
1998. Open talks to Johnson about the labors of love in their latest 
Second Edition.

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