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Subject: Testing the ins and outs of iSCSI
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:33:44 -0500
The combination of an OpenPower 720 system with Novell's SUSE Linux and 
DB2 Universal Database set a world record for the best non-clustered 
result in the TPC-H 100GB benchmark test, in a system configuration 
comparable to real-word client installations. Learn the inside scoop from 
the TPC.

March 14, 2005
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The simplicity of iSCSI plays well into marketing hoopla that touts the 
absolute minimum investment necessary to set up a working iSCSI fabric. 
HBAs, switches, and cables for Gigabit Ethernet are a fraction of the 
cost of Fibre Channel components. Unfortunately, the fact that you can 
do something quite inexpensively does not always imply that you should. 
This week openBench Labs evaluates an iSCSI storage server from Promise 
Technologies using a 4-way Opteron server running SUSE Linux Enterprise 
Server 9 and Windows Server 2003. 

MySQL is an open-source database that many commercial database 
supporters simply loved to hate. They were often caught challenging anyone up 
to the occasion to a verbal duel over whether one could seriously hope 
to keep a management position and at the same time advocate MySQL's use 
for anything more ambitious than querying information and then 
assembling it. The question was always debatable but now it's irrelevant: MySQL 
AB is now confident to say that MySQL 5.0 is going to come in like a 
lion and will satisfy the needs of small and large corporations alike. We 
look at the continuing evolution of MySQL and talk to Forrester 
Research's senior analyst, Noel Yuhanna, for his views on what effect MySQL 
5.0 may have on commercial database vendors.

Meanwhile, whether the choice is a migration path to MySQL or continued 
reliance on enterprise mainstays such as Oracle or DB2, IT planners 
need to have good, verifiable data on performance with which to support 
their weighty decisions. This week, we take a closer look at the place 
they call upon for answers: The Transaction Processing Performance 
Council, which is on a continued mission to assist with industry-standard 

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