From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: As Gates Spreads FUD, Wall Street Buys Linux
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 12:41:04 EDT
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Talk about futility. The Washington Post roused the ire of numerous 
readers working inside the Beltway with a story that Microsoft is 
to discourage the use of Open Source software in the Pentagon.
Absolutely conspicuous by its inconsequence, writes Jack Fegreus, is 
lack of any substance to the tepid FUD from Redmond. 

But while there was 'no there there,' plenty of big news broke in the
Financial District as Reuters announced it's putting its financial
information service, which hooks up data and news for global financial
institutions, on Linux. 

And who among the Linux kingpin vendors pulled off the deal to catapult
Linux into the mainstream of global trading? None other than the
oft-maligned combo of HP and Compaq with Red Hat to cap the deal. Can
the full story be told? That's what we do this week, as we interview
sources at HP and Red Hat, and assess the deal's impact. 

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