From:"Open Magazine" <>
Subject: Countdown to Infinite Bandwidth
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:12:03 EDT
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As recovering cultists and yo-yo dieters implore, avoid purveyors of 
Perfect Plan. At Open, we are generally inclined to trash such 
but this week we must admit that Franco Vitaliano is on to something
good. He writes about what he calls the Perfect Plan for destroying
Microsoft. It's all about Xbox and it's all about Microsoft's ludicrous
product burn rate and other rather nutty harbingers that suggest an 
path for utter doom.

Ask the CEO of Wasabi Systems if he has the Perfect Plan, and he will 
wise enough to say no but will probably add that NetBSD has got to be
the closest thing to heaven as an operating system that brings speed 
flexibility. You'll find out more in this week's interview with 

Back at openBench Labs, evangelism was also hard to check over 
called InfiniBand. Storage historians who need to keep tabs on the
future, aka IT planners, will want to read this briefing about systems
area networking and what business intelligence life might look like for
corporations out to get the full benefit of InfiniBand.

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The editors of Open magazine