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Subject: Building a better firewall
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 01:56:08 -0500
February 7, 2003

This Wednesday's grim piece in Financial Times titled "Information 
officers left out in the cold" probably hit the nail on the head, if not 
the coffin. CIOs are under the gun this year more than ever to 
demonstrate business acumen as well as technology skills. Companies are asking 
them for detailed ROI models and complex metrics, or else CEO will tell 
CIO where to put his VoIP.

Inspired by the report, we look for evidence this week of any truth to 
claims about iSCSI as the next big wave in networked storage. We found 
a most interesting answer in the NetBSD area. Read our story about what 
Wasabi Systems is doing with Intel to bring iSCSI closer to reality.

Then dive into the findings of openBench Labs, after surrendering its 
network this week to the new firewall from MandrakeSoft. And for those 
seeking answers about the business health of MandrakeSoft, check out our 
report on what the company's next steps will be, now that a French 
court has granted them a 6-month bankruptcy protection period. 

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