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Subject: Open Source P2P for retail
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 17:35:54 -0500
April 4, 2003

This week, we swerve past an opportunity to rehash the words of Sun's 
JXTA people who have been busy dialing for press coverage about their 
recent achievements in JXTA 2.0 and community growth. We simply wanted to 
avoid being rear-ended by our unquestioning enthusiasm over Sun-backed 
Open Source JXTA, tempting though it may be. JXTA is technology to make 
it easy for any and all devices on the network to find each other, swap 
files directly and securely, and access more content from the Web.

We visited  a trade association instead that's actually putting nascent 
JXTA to the test, the National Association of Convenience Stores.  Step 
into the world of NACS CTO John Hervey, a world that copes with the 
inconvenience of trying to reconcile a customer's Pampers, roach spray, 
Newsweek, lottery, Money-Gram, windshield cleaner, and gallon of gas 
experience through standalone devices that can't talk to each other. Read 
why JXTA has become an important part of Hervey's solution roadmap.

Over on Wall Street, the TowerGroup tracks the latest numbers in a 
banking and finance milieu where Red Hat may be old hat but Linux momentum 
still continues to build. TowerGroup's senior analyst tells Open what's 
behind the latest figures on Wall Street's Linux adoptions.

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