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Subject: Fork the database and pass the caviar
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:44:54 -0400
April 11, 2003

Break out the bliny and blue tins of beluga. This week Open interviews 
Russian RDBMS guru Dmitry Kuzmenko, who reveals how and why Yaffil's 
developers turned away from Open Source Firebird to make Yaffil a 
commercialized fork, serving what Kuzmenko sees as the cold realities of a 
Russian marketplace.

Next, Open turns to a team of JXTA and P2P experts who examine what 
today's JXTA means at the developer level. JXTA project experts Daniel 
Brookshier, Sing Li, and Brendon Wilson provide an overview of what the 
JXTA protocols are all about, interesting JXTA projects now under way, 
and what a JXTA network looks like in full swing.

Sadly, openBench Labs tells us they were not quite ready this week to 
pop some bubbly for the beluga. The pain induced by a lack of Linux 
support has dampened what could have been continued, unbridled, enthusiasm 
over some rather marvelous whiz-bang Linux advancements. The 
discoveries that led to this mood are described in this week's plaint over Linux 
support. But stay tuned, as good news of extraordinary Linux 
performance and what drives it comes next week. 

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