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Subject: RMS thwarts MS at the UN summit on the info society
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 22:26:43 -0500
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December 9, 2003

Open Magazine - Your strategic guide to Open Source 

This week, we raise the curtains on the World Summit on the Information 
Society to reveal what's really going down with the digital divide in 
all its dimensions, from villagers struggling for information access to 
Free Software thinkers who see through the Microsoft interpretation of 
freedom of choice as freedom to enslave.

From news-makers to book-makers, Nigel McFarlane has a book out that is 
all about RAD development with Mozilla. In an interview with Open, he 
tells us about the book and why he's proud that it is part of the Bruce 
Perens Open Source Series at Prentice Hall PTR.

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