Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:58:59 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Lessons in Spam Fighting - Open Nov 15, 2002
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First, there's no such thing as over-stating the value of intelligence
to be found at ApacheCon US 2002 from November 18 through November 21 
Las Vegas, where you join 500 Open Source enthusiasts for tutorials,
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Likewise, there is no way of overstating the problem of spam. Think
about it. You pay for your bandwidth. You pay for your data storage. Do
you really want to pay for unsolicited commercial e-mails that you've
come to know and not love? Obviously, no, but less obvious is what to 
about it. This week, Ben Westbrook, a spam-filtering expert, steps both
ISPs and corporate managers through a reasoned lesson in what to look
for in filtering packages. 
On the other hand, if 'disliking' spam is an understatement, then 
IBM is 'fairly' interested in exploiting utility computing models is a
joke. IBM believes payment-per-use model of computing is now the stuff
of which computing revolutions are made. At the very top, Chairman and
CEO Sam Palmisano has been showcasing this computing shift, to which 
is directing $10 billion to help spur it on. At the very frontlines, we
visit executives behind the new Mobil Travel Companion Service, who are
taking the plunge, well, Palmisano would say, the rise, toward IBM's
Linux Virtual Services as a utility model to drive Web-enabled travel
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