Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 12:43:04 -0500
Subject: TheOpenCD

My name is Henrik Nilsen Omma, and I am one of the project leaders of a 
Open Source Project called TheOpenCD.  Our aim is to create a simple to 
use CD 
distribution of Open Source software for Windows, and in that way 
spread the 
OSS message. I'm writing to various LUGs to announce the launch of our 
edition, and hope that you might find it a useful tool in promoting 
Linux and 
OSS to a wider public.

The disc allows new users can try out Open Source software (OSS) in the  
of their own, familiar operating system, rather than having to take  
the drastic
step of reformatting their hard drive to install Linux or BSD. The  
which includes, AbiWord and Beonex is primarily  
intended for
non-technical computer users. However, we expect that the disc  will 
first to experienced OSS users, who will hopefully find it a  useful 
vehicle by
which to introduce OSS to their less computer-savvy friends.

We invite all OSS enthusiasts to download the ISO, burn CDs and 
distribute  them
widely to friends, local schools, universities, and companies.  We  
encourage you all to stop by our to comment, discuss and contribute!

Best wishes,

	Henrik Nilsen Omma
	& TheOpenCD Team

Henrik Nilsen Omma             Theoretical Physics, Oxford
35 Frenchay Road               1 Keble Road
Oxford OX2 6TG                 Oxford OX1 3NP