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Subject: Osborne's Latest & Greatest December '02
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 13:24:44 -0600 Osborne's Latest & Greatest December '02



Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released this month.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at

If you are a member of the media or a user group manager and would like to obtain a review copy of a book and/or its press release, please contact Bettina Faltermeier at  Don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you need more information about our books and authors, would like to interview an author, or are interested in excerpts of our books.

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Consumer Technology:

QuickBooks 2003: The Official Guide by Kathy Ivens
ISBN: 0-07-222679-X; 576 pages; $29.99
The ONLY Intuit-authorized guide to QuickBooks helps small businesses take charge of their finances.  This book teaches how to use the many helpful and innovative elements of this powerful software.

How to Do Everything with Your Sony CLIE by Rick Broida & Dave Johnson
ISBN: 0-07-222659-5; 432 pages; $24.99
Covers everything from basic operation to advanced handheld-computing techniques.  New users will discover easy ways to set up the CLIE, input data, synchronize with desktop PCs, use the multimedia tools, and other special features, and much more.

Windows XP Professional: A Beginner's Guide by Martin Matthews
ISBN: 0-07-222608-0; 600 pages; $29.99
Ideal for anyone new to Windows XP Professional, this practical guide covers data storage on CDs and DVDs, printing and faxing, transferring files, connecting to and using a local area network, using a modem, setting up and using an Internet connection, and much more.

Windows XP Professional: The Complete Reference by Guy Hart-Davis
ISBN: 0-07-222665-X; 960 pages; $49.99
Covers intermediate to advanced features of Windows XP Professional for corporate and small networks and shows how XP Professional fits into large, domain-based networks running on Windows 2000 Server or Windows.NET Server.  Explains how to configure the operating system centrally, how to work with XP Professional as a network client, and more.


Hacking Exposed Linux, Second Edition by Brian Hatch, James Lee & George Kurtz
ISBN: 0-07-222564-5; 744 pages; $49.99
Completely updated and revised to cover the latest Linux security vulnerabilities and tools, this book provides details about brand-new Linux attacks, counter measures and case studies.

Red Hat Linux 8: The Complete Reference DVD Edition by Richard Peterson
ISBN: 0-07-222646-3; 1008 pages; $49.99
Provides detailed coverage of everything from installation and configuration to system administration and server management.  Includes full coverage of system, network, security, and server setup tasks as well as discussions of GUI interfaces, security concerns, TCP/IP network configuration, Internet tools, and software management.  The enclosed DVD contains more than 1,500 applications and corresponding source code for the entire Red Hat Linux 8 distribution - normally available on 6 CD-ROMs.

Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition by Steven Graham & Steve Shah
ISBN: 0-07-222562-9; 512 pages; $39.99
Featuring coverage of the latest versions of both Red Hat Linux and the Linux kernel, this updated guide is designed to show even the most novice user the keys to successful administration.  Covers installing and configuring Linux, managing files and software, granting user rights, and more. 

Networking: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition by Bruce Hallberg
ISBN: 0-07-222563-7; 512 pages; $39.99
Providing a solid introduction to core networking fundamentals, this book discusses how to install, set up, and administer Windows .NET Server, Linux, Apache and key Internet protocols.  Includes up-to-date coverage of wireless technologies and security methods--including firewalls, packet filtering, encryption, and more.

Programming & Web Development:

Crystal Reports 9: The Complete Reference by George Peck
ISBN: 0-07-222519-X; 880 pages; $49.99
Covers upgraded GUI, custom functions, repository, Report Application Server, and offers information on how to create eye-popping, presentation-quality reports and complex, interactive analysis documents both on and off the Web, how to integrate with Visual Basic and Visual Studio .NET applications, and much more.

Dreamweaver MX: A Beginner's Guide by Ray West & Tom Muck
ISBN: 0-07-222366-9; 552 pages; $29.99
A complete introduction to this popular software's tools, features, and potent functionality, this book provides all the essentials while focusing on real-world examples.  Helps create server-side scripts, dynamic Web applications, and database-driven content while working simultaneously with source code and visual design, and teaches the basics of ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and ColdFusion.

C++: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition by Herb Schildt
ISBN: 0-07-222680-3; 1056 pages; $49.99
Using expertly crafted explanations, insider tips, and hundreds of examples, Schildt explains and demonstrates every aspect of C++.  He provides details on the entire C++ language, including its keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, and libraries.  Included is a synopsis of the extended keywords used for .NET programming.

Java 2: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition by Herb Schildt
ISBN: 0-07-222588-2; 592 pages; $29.99
Fully updated to cover Java 2 version 1.4, this step-by-step guide will have its readers programming in no time.  They will learn how Java relates to object-oriented programming (OOP), and the general form of a Java program.  The book also covers the foundations of Java programming, including data types, operators, program control statements, classes, objects, and methods, plus more advanced topics, such as inheritance, exception handling, the I/O system, multithreading, applets, and much more. 

Certification & Career Development:

Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-035 & 310-037) by Kathy Sierra
ISBN: 0-07-222684-6; 752 pages; $49.99
Revised and updated by one of the co-developers of the Programmer exam, this book offers complete coverage of the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 exam objectives and newly added, complete coverage of both portions of the Sun Certified Java 2 Developer's exam.  More than 250 challenging practice questions have been completely revised to closely model the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam.  Exam coverage includes step-by-step exercises, special Exam Watch notes, On-the-Job elements, and Self Tests with in-depth answer explanations to help reinforce and teach practical skills.

Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9.0 Study Guide (Exam 310-014 & 310-015) by Timothy Gibbs
ISBN: 0-07-222598-X; 936 pages; $49.99
This study guide provides 100% complete coverage of all objectives for both Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris exams.  Based on 300,000+ hours of IT training experience, the book contains hundreds of practice exam questions and hands-on exercises.  The CD-ROM features full practice exam software with interactive tutorials and lab simulations, plus an adaptive test engine.

MCAD/MCSD XML Web Services and Server Components Development with Visual Basic .NET Study Guide (Exam 70-310) by Kenneth Lind

ISBN: 0-07-222653-6; 592 pages; $49.99
Provides 100% Complete Coverage of all official test objectives for exam 70-310, plus hands-on exercises and step-by-step instruction modeled after classroom labs.  CD-ROM includes a complete practice exam.