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Subject: Osborne's Latest & Greatest January '03
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:42:23 -0600 Osborne's Latest & Greatest January '03




Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released this month.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at

If you are a member of the media or a user group manager and would like to obtain a review copy of a book and/or its press release, please contact Bettina Faltermeier at  Don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you need more information about our books and authors, would like to interview an author, or are interested in excerpts of our books.

For bulk User Group purchases (10 books minimum and a 30% discount), please email Karen Schopp at <>.

Consumer Technology:

Mac OS X Jaguar: The Complete Reference by Jesse Feiler
ISBN: 0-07-222789-3; 912 pages; $39.99
Gives a thorough run-down of the OS X operating system and the Aqua interface, and explains essential system protocols, storage technologies, Internet and Ethernet performance, data protection, new UNIX tools, security features, networking capabilities, and much more.

Introducing the New No Nonsense Guides!

Designed to appeal to busy tech consumers who are interested in learning the basics to start using their computer or tech gadget immediately, these books offer short and concise instructions.  Each book in this series isolates one application or topic and aims to get its readers exploring the topic quickly and effectively.

Start! The No Nonsense Guide to Mac OS X Jaguar by Greg Simsic & Katy Bodenmiller
ISBN: 0-07-222737-0; 200 pages; $16.99
Explains the elements of OS X Jaguar, how to customize it, set up accounts, move, organize, store and share files, use e-mail and browse the Web.

Create! The No Nonsense Guide to Photoshop Elements 2 by Greg Simsic & Katy Bodenmiller
ISBN: 0-07-222738-9; 200 pages; $16.99
Delineates efficient ways to use the software, providing users with simple instructions and teaches essential techniques such as scanning and retouching, creating graphics for Web pages, and creating special effects.

Start! The No Nonsense Guide to Windows XP by Wally Wang
ISBN: 0-07-222739-7; 200 pages; $16.99
Ideal for first time users, it explains the essentials of Windows XP - how to customize it, organize the data, connect to the Internet, use e-mail, improve it through updates and software patches, and more.


Hacker's Challenge 2: Test Your Network Security & Forensic Skills by Mike Schiffman, Adam J. O'Donnell, Bill Pennington, & David Pollino

ISBN: 0-07-222630-7; 352 pages; $39.99
Featuring brand-new, real-life security incidents, this book gives security administrators the opportunity to examine several scenarios and gain the insight into intruders' thought processes.  Each challenge in Part I unfolds like a chapter from a novel and is followed by a series of questions for the reader.  Part II presents detailed explanations of exactly what happened in each incident and the answers to the questions posed in Part I, along with prevention and mitigation tips.

Biometrics: Identity Assurance in the Information Age by John D. Woodward, Nicholas M. Orlans, & Peter T. Higgins
ISBN: 0-07-222227-1; 416 pages; $49.99
Explains the technical properties and applications of fingerprints, hand geometry, facial and voice recognition, iris and retinal scans, and signature and keystroke dynamics, and includes sample scenarios and real-world case studies to help readers understand the intricate details of biometrics.  

Red Hat Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide by Narender Muthyala
ISBN: 0-07-222631-5; 648 pages; $39.99
Covers all core areas of administration, including installation, initial configuration, command shell usage, file and software management, and more.

Programming & Web Development:

IBM Websphere Application Server Programming by Bessam Jamaleddin
ISBN: 0-07-222459-2; 840 pages; $59.99
Explains how to develop and deploy powerful Web-based applications on multiple platforms, including UNIX, NT, and AIX.  Packed with essential information as well as advanced development techniques, this book helps to maximize every aspect of WebSphere's functionality.

UML: A Beginner's Guide by Jason Roff
ISBN: 0-07-222460-6; 336 pages; $29.99
Coverage reflects the latest UML specifications and shows how to read, draw, and use this visual modeling language to create clear and effective blueprints for software development projects.

JSP 2.0: The Complete Reference by Phil Hanna
ISBN: 0-07-222437-1; 1008 pages; $49.99
This comprehensive resource shows how to write, adapt, deploy, and debug powerful and robust applications.  Discusses how JSPs integrate with Enterprise JavaBeans and JDBC, and how they communicate with other Web components, including Perl, CGI, servlets, and applets. 

C/C++ Programmer's Reference, Third Edition by Herb Schildt
ISBN: 0-07-222722-2; 544 pages; $24.99
Fully updated to give programmers a quick reference to syntax, keywords, libraries, and more.  Since no programmer can remember the precise syntax of every C/C++ element, this quick-access guide assists programmers in implementing efficient solutions on demand.

Mobile Macromedia Flash MX with Flash Remoting & Flash Communication Server by Alan Yeung & Nicholas Pang
ISBN: 0-07-222645-5; 456 pages; $39.99
Teaches time-saving techniques, provides case studies for creating popular applications that implement mobile commerce, MP3, Video Player, messaging, and covers the basics of mobile application development as well as developing rich client-side applications. 

Certification & Career Development:

Mike Meyers' Security+ Certification Passport by Trevor Kay
ISBN: 0-07-222741-9; 432 pages; $29.99
Compact, accelerated exam preparation covers exactly what the reader needs to know to pass the exam.  Includes a CD with a free practice test.

Sun Certified Solaris 9.0 System and Network Administrator All-in-One Exam Guide by Paul Watters
ISBN: 0-07-222530-0; 768 pages; $69.99
This book covers two certifications and three exams!  Discusses all exam objectives and includes end-of-chapter practice questions, real-world examples, and technical discussion sidebars.  Includes CD-ROM with three full practice exams.


Oracle 9i JDeveloper Handbook by Paul Dorsey, Peter Koletzke, & Avrom Faderman
ISBN: 0-07-222384-7; 976 pages; $59.99
This book explains the JDeveloper IDE and how to build JSPs, Java applications, business components for Java (BC4J), and more.