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Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released this month.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at

If you are a member of the media or a user group manager and would like to obtain a review copy of a book and/or its press release, please contact Bettina Faltermeier at  Don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you need more information about our books and authors, would like to interview an author, or are interested in excerpts of our books.

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Consumer Technology:

Build Your Own PC Entertainment System by Brian Underdahl
ISBN: 0-07-222769-9; 224 pages; $24.99
This book provides all the details of creating a PC-based entertainment center - it explains how to choose the appropriate case, motherboard, processor, memory, and how to select the operating system and additional software to enhance performance.  It includes fully illustrated instructions, operating, and troubleshooting tips.  From TV tuner and video card options to amplification recommendations, this book delivers a complete guide to the parts and accessories needed to build a dream home entertainment system.


Web Services Security by Mark O'Neill, et al.
ISBN: 0-07-222471-1; 336 pages; $49.99
This book describes XML and Web Services security technologies, including SAML and the WS-Security roadmap, and provides practical examples in Java and C#.  The authors explain the technologies in plain English, using clear analogies to help the reader grasp the concepts needed to understand Web Services security, and illustrate implementation techniques as well as case studies featuring global service-provision initiatives such as the Liberty Alliance Project.

FreeBSD: The Complete Reference by Roderick Smith
ISBN: 0-07-222409-6; 900 pages; $49.99
This comprehensive guide to FreeBSD covers installation, file and kernel configuration, operation, and more.  It is a valuable resource to help integrate this powerful OS with existing hardware and software to take advantage of system management and administration benefits, graphic and office tools, even multimedia and gaming features. 

Build Your Own Server by Tony Caputo
ISBN: 0-07-222728-1; 352 pages; $29.99
This step-by-step guide covers everything from picking the components and where to find them to setting up a secured Web server.  It covers the details of building a server from scratch - with tips, hints, and troubleshooting steps, and features more than 200 photographs illustrating how to install and configure hardware components and set up a Workgroup, Domain (Active Directory) and VPN network, etc.

Certification & Career Development:

A+ Technician's On-the-Job Guide to Windows XP by Curt Simmons
ISBN: 0-07-222690-0; 552 pages; $39.99
This practical guide, which offers readers skill-building as well as trouble-shooting information on Windows XP, is designed for IT professionals with 1-3 years of experience who need to put their experience to work quickly and effectively in an XP environment.  It provides concise and direct instruction to the most common tasks and challenges of support staff and technicians.

A+ Technician's On-the-Job Guide to Networking by Curt Simmons & David Dalan
ISBN: 0-07-222777-X; 448 pages; $39.99
This accessible quick reference is the ideal on-the-job companion, featuring easy-to-find information in a step-by-step, task-oriented format.  It offers plenty of configuration and troubleshooting tips and solutions, logically organized by topic. 

High-Value IT Consulting: 12 Keys to a Thriving Practice by Sanjiv Purba & Bob Delaney
ISBN: 0-07-222625-0; 432 pages; $39.99
Designed specifically for IT professionals working in any type of consulting organization, this is a practical, real-world guide for delivering successful engagements to clients.  Ready-to-use sample forms, tables, checklists, and charts are in the text and available free for download.

MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic .NET Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 70-305, 70-306, 70-310) by Larry Chambers, et al.

ISBN: 0-07-213130-6; 912 pages; $69.99
This authoritative reference offers complete coverage of all material on MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic .NET certification exams and provides exam objectives at the beginning of each chapter, helpful exam tips, end-of-chapter practice questions, and photographs and illustrations.  The bonus CD-ROM contains practice tests, and hundreds of questions.  This comprehensive guide will not only help to pass the exams, but will also serve as an invaluable on-the-job reference.