Subject: Osborne's Latest & Greatest in August
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 12:38:53 -0500
From:"Faltermeier, Bettina" <> 

Below you will find a list of select new titles to be released this 
month.  For a complete listing of our books, please visit our Website at 

If you are a member of the media or a user group manager and would like 
to obtain a review copy of a book and/or its press release, please 
contact Bettina Faltermeier at  Don't 
hesitate to contact me at any time if you need more information about 
our books and authors, would like to interview an author, or are 
interested in excerpts of our books.

For bulk user group purchases (10 books minimum and a 30% discount), 
please email Karen Schopp at

Consumer Technology:

Quicken 2004: The Official Guide by Maria Langer
ISBN: 0-07-222970-5; 560 pages; $24.99
Reviewed and endorsed by Intuit, the makers of Quicken, this official 
guide provides full coverage of the features that make Quicken the 
top-selling personal finance software.  It shows its readers how to manage 
their money and investments including spending, savings, budgets, 
banking, and more.

How to Do Everything with Windows XP, 2nd Edition by Curt Simmons
ISBN: 0-07-223080-0; 480 pages; $24.99
This books helps its readers explore all the great XP features, tap 
into power, stability, and user-friendliness, and shows how to use new 
software such as Power Toys, Media Player 9, and Movie Maker 2.

Genealogy Online, 7th Edition by Elizabeth Crowe
ISBN: 0-07-222978-0; 432 pages; $24.99
This hands-on resource explores the vast world of ancestry-related 
networks, Web sites, and online services, explaining which ones best suit 
the reader's purposes.  It shows how to organize a search, where to 
begin, where to go on the Web, and how to use chat rooms, mailing lists, 
and Usenet effectively.

Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques by Julie King
ISBN: 0-07-222949-7; 256 pages; $24.99
Through a series of tutorial projects, the author shows readers how to 
light shots, choose the right camera settings, use camera accessories 
and photographic software, and much more.  She explains how to set up a 
home studio, create a 360-degree panoramic image, work in low light, 
action photography, black and white, and many other professional 

PC Mod Projects: Cool It! Light It! Morph It! by Edward Chen, Carl 
Mixon, Philip Mansfield, & Grace Punska
ISBN: 0-07-223011-8; 304 pages; $24.99
Four complete, do-it-yourself PC mod projects in one book!  From a 
water-cooling aquarium to a neon light show to an outrageous casing to a 
functional one-touch LED screen, the projects show, step-by-step, how to 
transform an ordinary computer into a one-of-a-kind mod.  


Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 2nd Edition by Chris Prosise & 
Kevin Mandia
ISBN: 0-07-222696-X; 544 pages; $49.99
Written by FBI insiders, this updated best seller offers a look at the 
legal, procedural, and technical steps of incident response and 
computer forensics.  Including new chapters on forensic analysis and 
remediation, and real-world case studies, this revealing book shows how to 
counteract and conquer today's hack attacks.

Red Hat Linux Pocket Administrator by Richard Petersen & Ibrahim Haddad
ISBN: 0-07-222974-8; 256 pages; $24.99
This handy resource offers busy network administrators clear and 
concise information for daily on-the-job tasks--all in a portable format.  
Key management tasks are presented in logically organized sections, with 
special emphasis on system administration.  

Certification & Career Development:

CCSP: Cisco Certified Security Professional Certification Exam Guide by 
Robert Larson & Lance Cockcroft
ISBN: 0-07-222691-9; 1024 pages; $89.99
This authoritative reference offers complete coverage of all material 
on CCSP exams SECUR, CSPFA, CSVPN, CSIDS, and CSI.  The bonus CD-ROM 
contains a testing engine with questions found only on the CD.  This 
comprehensive guide not only helps to pass this challenging exam, but will 
also serve as an invaluable on-the-job reference.


The Art of Java by Herb Schildt & James Holmes 
ISBN: 0-07-222971-3; 400 pages; $39.99
There is something for every programmer in this book, which presents a 
number of practical, high-powered applications of Java.  Included are 
pure code subsystems such as the expression parser, which readers will 
adapt for use in their own programs, financial calculations and 
statistics programs that feature ready-for-use applets/servlets, interpreter or 
the AI-based search engine, and much more.  Co-authored by James 
Holmes, who was named Java Developer of the Year by Oracle Magazine in 
November of 2002 for his work with the Struts Framework & JDeveloper.