Subject: Osborne's Latest & Greatest April '04
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Consumer Technology:

How to Do Everything with Your Genealogy by George G. Morgan
ISBN: 0-07-223170-X; 544 pages; $24.99
Internationally recognized genealogist George G. Morgan provides his 
readers with a solid foundation for beginning and continuing a family 
history research.  He covers major record types available in the United 
States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as research strategies 
for successfully locating and evaluating them.  The book is organized in 
a logical progression to help build and expand aspiring genealogists' 

How to Do Everything with Digital Photography by Dave Huss
ISBN: 0-07-225435-1; 376 pages; $29.99
Veteran photographer Dave Huss discusses features to look for in a 
digital camera, the essentials of photography and composition, unique 
techniques for digital photography, photo editing, color printing, and much 
more.  Readers also get insight from professional digital photographers 
throughout the book, and an eight-page gallery featuring easy-to-follow 
illustrations and examples.

How to Do Everything with iLife '04 by Guy Hart-Davis
ISBN: 0-07-223205-6; 448 pages; $24.99
This book shows how to get started with iLife and brings its readers up 
to expert levels with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand.  In 
no time, readers will edit pictures, create compelling videos, burn 
DVDs, compose music, and much more!

How to Do Everything with Your iPod & iPod Mini, Second Edition by Guy 
ISBN: 0-07-225452-1; 416 pages; $24.99
Updated to cover the latest iPods, including the mini, this book helps 
its readers get the most from these powerful devices.  It shows how to 
load the iPod with songs and data, use it as a portable hard disk, 
maximize its battery life, keep it working smoothly, and more.  


IT Project Management: On Track from Start to Finish, Second Edition by 
Joe Phillips
ISBN: 0-07-223202-1; 544 pages; $55.00
Renowned IT project management expert, Joseph Phillips, again delivers 
an authoritative, easy-to-understand guide that delves into all CompTIA 
IT Project+ certification objectives.  The "Inside the Exam" sections 
focus on the necessary topics to pass the new CompTIA exam.  The CD-ROM 
includes an IT Project+ practice test, plus templates and worksheets to 
use when managing a project.  

RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide, Fourth Edition by 
Michael Jang
ISBN: 0-07-225365-7; 792 pages; $59.99
This book provides complete coverage of all objectives for the Red Hat 
Certified Linux Engineer exam (RH 302), hundreds of review questions, 
and hands-on lab exercises.  The CD-ROM features two complete RHCE 
practice exams (available to Linux users), an electronic book, and a bonus 
Red Hat installation screen review.


Dreamweaver MX: A Beginner's Guide by Ray West & Tom Muck
ISBN: 0-07-222996-9; 544 pages; $29.99
This book shows how to create dynamic Web sites and applications using 
the functional power of Dreamweaver MX 2004.  Web experts Tom Muck and 
Ray West explain Web site and application development using all the 
tools and features available in the new version of Dreamweaver.  They also 
teach the basics of ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and ColdFusion.

The Art of C++ by Herb Schildt
ISBN: 0-07-225512-9; 400 pages; $39.99
C++ expert Herb Schildt shares practical, high-powered applications of 
C++, revealing some of the most interesting features of the language in 
the process.  "Pure code" subsystems that can be adapted to programs, 
financial calculations, and file utilities are discussed.  A C++ 
interpreter, an AI-based search engine, plus a Web-based example for those 
programmers who interface C++ with the Internet are also included.  With 
downloadable code offered, this resource has something for every C++ 

Oracle / Database:

Oracle Database 10g New Features by Robert Freeman
ISBN: 0-07-222947-0; 272 pages; $34.99
This Oracle Press book explains the advantages of grid computing and 
the specifics of Oracle Grid Computing technology.  Written by Robert 
Freeman and including expert commentary from world-renowned Oracle guru 
Jonathan Lewis, this is an ideal resource for decision-makers and IT 
staff preparing for upgrades or migration.  

Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide by Ian Abramson, Michael Abbey 
& Michael Corey
ISBN: 0-07-223078-9; 416 pages; $39.99
This book provides the fundamental concepts of Oracle Database 10g 
administration and programming.  Through self-paced tutorials, readers will 
learn about database essentials, the role of the administrator, and 
large database features.  It includes an in-depth introduction to SQL, 
PL/SQL, Java, and XML programming.  

Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook by John Garmany & 
Donald Burleson
ISBN: 0-07-222958-6; 400 pages; $49.99
This architectural and technical reference on how to use Oracle 
Application Server 10g to Web-enable Oracle databases for application server 
systems includes coverage of installation, configuration, and tuning, 
using Java with Oracle Application Server 10g, and much more.

Oracle Database 10g High Availability with RAC, Flashback, & Data Guard 
by Matthew Hart & Scott Jesse
ISBN: 0-07-225428-9; 496 pages; $59.99
This book concentrates on explaining 10g technologies and practices to 
database administrators, covering general availability, real 
application clusters (RAC), disaster planning and recovery, distributed database 
solutions, and hardware and application needs.