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Consumer Technology:

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet by Simon Johnson
ISBN: 0-07-225741-5; 336 pages; $19.99
Simon Johnson provides advice for parents regardless of their technical 
experience and identifies the online threats to children, offers easy 
to follow instructions on how to avoid and reduce risks, details how 
spyware can target children, and he recommends the best, but not 
necessarily the most expensive software to consider as added protection, and 
much more.  

eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful 
Sellers by Debra Schepp & Brad Schepp
ISBN: 0-07-225869-1; 400 pages; $24.99
The authors and actual eBay PowerSellers share trade secrets savvy 
entrepreneurs have used to become eBay PowerSellers - earning $1,000 to 
$150,000 and more per month through eBay auctions.  They provide advice on 
finding little-known sources for products, advertising, managing 
inventory, collecting payments, keeping records, shipping, running an eBay 
store, and much more.  

Julie King's Everyday Photoshop for Photographer by Julie King
ISBN: 0-07-225437-8; 352 pages; $34.99
Using full-color, step-by-step examples, photographer and Photoshop 
expert Julie King explains how to manage digital image files, retouch 
photos, correct color, use a wide variety of photo-enhancing tools, print 
professional quality photos, and much more.  The book covers Photoshop 7 
and Photoshop CS for Windows and Mac.  

How to Do Everything with GarageBand by Emile D. Menasche
ISBN: 0-07-225676-1; 352 pages; $24.99
Demonstrates the hottest features in version 1.1, including updates to 
the Loops Browser and Software Instruments.  Menasché provides various 
tips and instructions, such as how to record both real and software 
instruments, fix mistakes, make digital adjustments after recording, and 
how to export newly created songs to iTunes.

How to Do Everything with Your Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone by 
Jason Rich
ISBN: 0-07-225674-5; 384 pages; $24.99
Provides the ins and outs of operation, plus plenty of Windows mobile 
add-ons and customization tricks.  Shows how to combine cutting edge PDA 
technology with wireless communication and how to use scheduling 
software, finance and text tools, wireless Web, database management software, 
and much more.  

How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone by John Frederick Moore
ISBN: 0-07-225764-4; 352 pages; $24.99
Loaded with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of illustrations, 
this book will help its readers take better pictures, edit and enhance 
images, transmit photos to PCs, the Web, other mobile phones, and email 
friends.  Offers advice on improving photography techniques with tips on 
framing, lighting, depth of field, self-portraits, action shots, and 
more.  Plus, the author discusses privacy, security, and copyright 

How to Do Everything with Your TiVo by Todd W. Carter & Michael Bellomo
ISBN: 0-07-223140-8; 400 pages; $24.99
This easy-to-use guide will help new and seasoned TiVo users maximize 
and expand their TiVo use.  Includes step-by-step instructions on how to 
connect TiVo to a media center, pause and rewind live TV, enjoy instant 
replay, and hook up TiVo to a wireless home network.  Also includes 
helpful TiVo hacks such as replacing the full hard drive and finding 
remote control shortcuts.  

Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 QuickSteps by Marty Matthews, John 
Cronan, & Erik Poulsen
ISBN: 0-07-225874-8; 240 pages; $16.99
Color screenshots and brief instructions show readers how to use all of 
FrontPage's Web site creation and management features in no time.  The 
book explains how to design and publish a Web site, use tables and 
frames, add graphics, create interactive forms and dynamic Web templates, 
use HTML, and much more.  


Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide by 
Steve Kaplan & Tim Reeser
ISBN: 0-07-225710-5; 656 pages; $59.99
Fully authorized by Citrix Systems, Inc., this reference explains how 
to optimize the entire suite of components.  The authors provide details 
on customizing the installation process, implementing the data store 
across multiple platforms, securing the management and Web consoles, 
imaging server farms, replicating applications, and much more.  


Access VBA Programming by Charles Brown
ISBN: 0-07-223197-1; 496 pages; $34.99
Readers will expand the range of their Access proficiency with VBA 
programming using this guide designed specifically for Access power users.  
With the provided online sample database, they'll learn VBA 
fundamentals, then discover how to connect Access and VBA through ActiveX Data 
Objects (ADO), and how to extract, manipulate, and retrieve data using SQL 
queries, and more.


Oracle Database 10g: The Complete Reference by Kevin Loney
ISBN: 0-07-225351-7; 1392 pages; $69.99
From critical architecture concepts to advanced object-oriented 
concepts, this powerhouse contains nearly 50 chapters!  Kevin Loney shows how 
to use SQL, SQL Plus, and PL/SQL, and offers code examples and popular 
documentation PDFs.  A full electronic copy of the book is included on 
CD-ROM.  Reader will be able to go beyond the basics and learn 
security, text searches, external tables, using Java in Oracle, and a great 
deal more.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g Handbook by Avrom Faderman, Peter Koletzke, and 
Paul Dorsey
ISBN: 0-07-225583-8; 856 pages; $59.99
Users will be able to write code using JDeveloper with help from this 
definitive guidebook from Oracle Press.  The authors show how to 
leverage J2EE technology the Oracle way - without the need for lots of 
existing programming knowledge.  They provide a complete overview of 
JDeveloper and the internals of ADF Business components, and more.

Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming by Scott Urman, Ron Hardman, & 
Michael McLaughlin
ISBN: 0-07-223066-5; 1008 pages; $54.99
Expert Oracle insiders cover the features of PL/SQL, explain scripting 
semantics and syntax, and fully detail the PL/SQL functionality of 
Oracle Database 10g.  Users will learn how to write powerful PL/SQL 
programs, interact with Oracle databases, perform complex calculations, and 
handle error conditions.  Insider programming tips and techniques and 
real-world examples from the Oracle community are included.

OCP Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators Exam Guide by 
Sam Alapati
ISBN: 0-07-225862-4; 512 pages; $59.99
This book provides coverage of all topics on the upgrade exam, 
including installation, configuration, application tuning, database management, 
backup and recovery, security, and more.  Examples, practice questions, 
lab questions, a two-minute drill, and a chapter summary are featured 
in each chapter.  


RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician Linux Study Guide (Exam RH202) by 
Michael Jang
ISBN: 0-07-225539-0; 512 pages; $59.99
This book offers complete coverage of exam objectives and 
performance-based requirements for the RHCT exam.  Includes 200+ review questions 
and two lab questions per chapter that mimic the performance based 
testing on the actual RHCT exam.  CD with review questions and a practice 
RH202 exam is included.